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    It was a great day in the heart of Brisbane City, Australia. 16 year old Jimmy was online trying to talk to random strangers. Jimmy finds a few random people on the internet but is not very interested in them. As he is about to give up, he meets Sarah from Sydney, NSW.

    Jimmy : Hi
    Sarah : Hey
    Jimmy : Whats up?
    Sarah : Really bored wbu?
    Jimmy : Listening to music
    Sarah : What kind do you like?
    Jimmy : I listen to anything wbu?.?
    Sarah : Me too
    Jimmy : Your so cool
    Sarah : Thank you (:

    Jimmy and Sarah would online chat every chance the had and as time passed, they got closer and closer, Jimmy was aware that Sarah had a boyfriend so he kept his limits. One day Sarah came home from school crying, she was so upset so she went to chat to Jimmy.

    Sarah : 😭 hey 😭
    Jimmy : Omg whats wrong
    Sarah : I got dumped today
    Jimmy : Im so sorry to hear that
    Sarah : Im so upset
    Jimmy : Aw who would dump you
    Sarah : What do you mean?
    Jimmy : Your so amazing
    Sarah : Thank you
    Jimmy : Your very beautiful
    Sarah : Thank you so much
    Jimmy : I love you
    Sarah : ... Wait ..... What?
    Jimmy : umm ..... Im .. Ah .. .. Sorry
    Sarah : As a friend or more?
    Jimmy : I gotta go sorry, bye
    Sarah : Wait ...
    Jimmy : What is it
    Sarah : I love you too
    Jimmy : WOW really!!!!!
    Sarah : Yeah
    Jimmy : Wanna go out?
    Sarah : umm ... Yeah sure (:
    Jimmy : 😍
    Sarah : 😍

    A few months went by and love grew. They thought about meeting up with each other. Jimmy wasnt allowed to go to Sydney because his parents said no. He told Sarah.

    Jimmy : My parents wont let me go
    Sarah : Ill ask mine
    Jimmy : What did they say?
    Sarah : OMG THEY SAID YES!!!!
    Jimmy : I cant wait till you get here
    Sarah : Me too
    Jimmy : Love you baby
    Sarah : Love you too babe

    Later that month Sarah text Jimmy that she will be plane to Brisbane today. Later that day Jimmy flicked on the news and what he saw was the biggest shock of his life ..
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