Well this is never good. Apparently my license plate expired in April. Dang it all. How did I miss that?
  • infarrantlycreativeWell this is never good. Apparently my license plate expired in April. Dang it all. How did I miss that?

  • infarrantlycreativeHe was gracious and didn't ticket me. Thank you Lord! Gotta register my car this week in my new state though.
  • greysnanOuch!
  • kittycocoa2Oppies that happen to me once and he looked in the car saw 3 little people laughed and walked away
  • julieportsbowen@infarrantlycreative other than this, how are you liking Columbus?
  • bytrishsuttonOops! (AND you rock for snapping a photo!📷👏😂)
  • shavonneupdikeBooooo. I'm sorry!!! 👎
  • cyndi.haatMy best friend from childhood and I went out Friday after a year of trying to get together. We got pulled over on the way home for a headlight out, and we just laughed! Two moms, car seats in the back, messy car, 100% sober, and couldn't find proof of insurance. The kind officer gave her a warning. It wouldn't be like old times if we didn't have blue and red lights flashing in the rear view mirror, I guess! 😆
  • lindsaylikesdietcokeOops!!! 😳😂
  • seesiglersaveThis happens to me, more than I care to admit.
  • leprakansDone that'
  • infarrantlycreative@julieportsbowen so far it has been amazing. Truly blessed to be here
  • infarrantlycreative@tagsthoughts you have to laugh or else you cry right? Picture was required. Ha!
  • infarrantlycreative@rejoicealways5 haha! That is what memories are made of for sure
  • caseylongravesWell...both April and August start with "A"...that can get real confusing!?
  • shandisimonsOh no!! This happened to me once. I cried. The policeman said "legally I can have your van towed..." I had all 3 kids with me!!! My plate was only 3 days past due! PTL he didn't and didn't even give me a ticket!! Oh, and did I mention it was in the parking lot of GCA at drop off?? Totally embarrassment!! Glad yours ended happy too!
  • episcofamGah, I got one of those two days after my tag expired. Then another ticket for having not yet changed my driver's license to my new home state. #smh
  • bytrishsuttonYES! @infarrantlycreative 😄 #waytogo #keepsmiling
  • juliekimmel18I love how you thought to get this pic while waiting on the ticket!
  • infarrantlycreative@caseylongraves. I totally agree! ;-)
  • capturingjoyblogBummer. I didn't realize license plates expire!!
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