Returning the Japanese spaceship. Best rental car ever. The GTR is a marvel of engineering. And its capabilities are downright shocking.
  • joeroganReturning the Japanese spaceship. Best rental car ever. The GTR is a marvel of engineering. And its capabilities are downright shocking.

  • delgatzbyAgain, you know nothing. If you meant everything you just said you would understand why Nissan is the marvel that they are. Again, I'm an engineer. You don't need to tell me man. If you need a second to do some research be my guest. Anyone can read the brochures the dealerships hand out haha. You're probably just too lazy and read the damn thing like a menu being a lazy fat beaner and all.
  • ljflucianohahahaha good job being an Instagram hero bud, @delgatzby . But I must say, I agree with you on how a GTR kicks ass for its class and can compete to some super cars. Personally, I like GTR's to some extent. But honestly, no one wants to buy a 100+k dollars on a Nissan. Lol if it was Infiniti then maybe but let's face the truth, there's cars faster, better looking and plain out more beautiful than this car. @gerardooo94
  • delgatzbyNot wasting anymore time on this though. You're ignorant on the topic of discussion whereas I am educated on the field with it being my area of expertise. There's a reason why they pay me what they do and I still laugh at rarris and lambos. You're just a kid chasing a dream with his head too far up his ass to see the truth. You are now officially and always have been since your first comment... a babbling idiot. @gerardooo94
  • ljfluciano@delgatzby you're talking about beaners when your last name is Delgado!! Get the fuck out of here fag. Go suck some dick in GTR lol @gerardooo94 got your back dude
  • delgatzbyThanks man. You must be his boyfriend @roma_leo6 I agree. Nowhere did I say this car was the most of either of what you mentioned. But it is not a joke of a car by any means. We're all immigrants here, remember where you guys came from. Keep it humble. This is still an amazing machine for what it is. End of discussion. @gerardooo94
  • gerardooo94@delgatzby hahahahaga check your DM's son. Enough said
  • delgatzbyLol good job jerking each other on instagram fags. Don't you two got a date with each other that you should deal with instead of spending your time on me hahaha. I'm flattered but I don't roll that way maricons
  • delgatzbyStop sending me gay pictures of yourself you douche
  • delgatzbyGood job sending me pictures of yourself.
  • ljfluciano@delgatzby hahah dude get the fuck out. You're calling him a beaner and at the same time you're claiming to be humble. You're a pathetic joke man. You just made your self look like a dumbass to the whole IG world 😂 and btw, I never said the GTR is and inferior car. If you can recall, I said it keeps up to some super cars. Take a seat and feel dumb, kid lol
  • delgatzbySending photos directly to me... You are hardcore man. You win. @gerardooo94
  • delgatzbyI'm talking about your boyfriend over here. I know you didn't say it. Chill. Don't argue while you're on your period. You say things that don't make sense.
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  • anything_exotichave you tried the Nismo yet! @joerogan
  • txspeed3@gt42supra is this yalls at hertz?
  • gt42supra@txspeed3 👍
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