After an incredible reading by medium @CharMargolis for a show on E! We celebrated my late Grandmothers birthday (I will let you know when it's on!) #missherstill #maxsidea #maxnamedafterher #doyoubelieve #ido
  • heatherdubrowAfter an incredible reading by medium @CharMargolis for a show on E! We celebrated my late Grandmothers birthday (I will let you know when it's on!) #missherstill #maxsidea #maxnamedafterher #doyoubelieve #ido

  • auburntiger76Be careful! God bless
  • hannahbeezzI do!
  • summermaddoxLove mediums
  • kajsa_hansson@miss_meza no "he's" not, but if you want to blindly follow something thats clearly a big lie than go ahead, waste your life and time on that.
  • leslie_richardTHE DUBROW FAMILY IS JEWISH PEOPLE!!!!! Stop being stupid, insensitive and judgmental by bringing up JESUS to her and her family. They are JEWISH!!!!! Duh.
  • our_3_blessingsLeviticus 20:6 “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people" Be so careful!!
  • sptx_@heatherdubrow your family is adorable !
  • etoilesdeverrethe best way to respect the dead, is to celebrate life! L'chaim! Health, love, and luck to your family and loved ones!
  • h_fried_man@christianhigman I am medium and I was explaining how you should judge as the bible says. I rather resort to terms they understand rather then name calling. I acknowledged her beautiful night and not them. #bepresent
  • h_fried_manShouldn't*
  • baby_b1222Wow SO sad!!! Mainly for the children. My friends and I all stopped watching RHOBH bc of Carlton now I guess it's time to stop watching OC :/
  • the.real.ashley.olson@leslie_richard I was thinking the exact same thing!!
  • susan_elise_68So many close-minded, judgmental people. Good for you, Heather, for going with Max's idea. Spirituality and connecting with deceased loved ones can clearly go hand-in-hand. People are entitled to their own opinions but need to realize they're not "saving" anyone with their irrational-sounding rants. If you want to get through to people, you need to learn to make at least some attempt to understand their viewpoints, too, and respect them. Respect is key. We all have different ideas and things that resonate with us and, hopefully, make us better people. Just one mindset/way is boring and narrow minded.
  • shelrob16#HOLYROLLERS stop being so judgemental. Stop spewing your Jesus rhetoric. #byefelicia
  • klk.8@bbr8777 And you think you're missed!?
  • tonynguyen1230so great to see you and your wonderful family @anqibycrustacean . Can't wait to cook for you again:)
  • michellearcecastroTotally agree @howit68
  • gizmatherfucker#feelbadforyourkids
  • debbydemarcoReligions preach life after death so why is it so unbelievable that we could communicate with our loved ones who have passed over? Seems contradictory to me but then organized religion is about controlling the masses anyway. Too many "preachers" speak out both sides of their mouths. Preach it - you better be living it or STFU.
  • austinlavianoFuckin idiots
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