• cycleboredomLaatste nacht's trunk/boot cam. Oh it heavy, but it ain't *feel* heavy. // @timbuk2, @freitaglab, @ergonbike, @clementcycling

  • dbseatonYou know laatste natch means, like, the final night not last night in the sense it does in English? I guess you mean "gisteravond" or "vorige nacht"?
  • cycleboredom@dbseaton Figured as much. I purposely take "liberties" with meany of cycling's languages. Consider this #Flemlish. 😂
  • dbseatonGo tell that to my Flemish colleagues and see what happens!
  • cycleboredom@dbseaton Haha! There are Belgians who think me and my site Belgian! So, I'm not doing *that* bad. Besides, the Flemish->English translation is so wack that there's some natural tolerance built in voor de liberties! And, it's always with love. ☺️
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