#dontshoot #ferguson 🙏🙏🙏
  • tarajiphenson#dontshoot #ferguson 🙏🙏🙏

  • wain0I have so much respect for u miss @tarajiphenson
  • king_abstractTaraji snappin on niggas
  • miss_nia_1692@neeaz85 so are you saying the young man deserved to die ??
  • neezy_85@missnia_1692 I'm not saying that. But I'm saying he contributed to his own death. He would still be alive if he had behaved differently.
  • miss_nia_1692@neeaz85 No Sir.. You have got to be kidding me !!! He didn't deserve to die!!!! Should he have been punished yes, but not killed before he was able to enter college .. You are no different than the pig who killed him because your trying to justify his actions ..and it's ridiculous !
  • neezy_85@missnia_1692 I wonder what your reaction would've been if Michael Brown was successful in taking the gun away from the officer and killed the officer instead. I don't think you would be outraged ... And that is the real problem. ... This case is much different than the Trayvon Martin case. The Trayvon Martin case bothered me for a long time, especially after George Zimmerman was let go. .. But this case is much different. Michael Brown isn't an innocent victim.
  • mzgam@neeaz85 no matter what his actions were, the minute the officer saw the young man hands up & unarmed.. He should have stop firing.. 6 shots!! 2 to the head! Seriously?! That was pure overload
  • miss_nia_1692@neeaz85 I would think the same
  • miss_nia_1692@neeaz85 it doesn't matter if he's innocent plz go drink bleach you are an irrelevant soul..!!!
  • neezy_85@missnia_1692 hahahhahah so u r saying I should go kill myself but u want others to sympathize with Michael Brown even tho he's not innocent bc "it doesn't matter if he's innocent"? .. So do u also feel it doesn't matter if Officer Darren Wilson is innocent? I guess it doesn't matter to u who is innocent and who is guilty in society! .. And I can promise u officer Darren Wilson will not be found guilty ... If any of us were in his shoes, we would've likely done the same thing
  • miss_nia_1692@neeaz85 and let's just see jack ass you will be eating crow ...
  • philippthe6thDon't fracture people's skulls. And grow up? The "kid" was 18 and 6 foot 4
  • nzinga_awakened@neeaz85 Wow you just believe everything the media puts out there, and that makes you apart of the problem. First of all Michael was not a criminal that so called tape of him robbing a store was not even him but a completely different young man the store clerk said so himself. Also there were 4 different witnesses that stated Michael had his hands up and the pig continued to fire until he was dead. Also Michael never reached for the pigs gun the pig told Michael and his friend to get the fuck out the street when they didnt he grabbed Michael through the window shot him Michael broke free and ran the pig followed him and executed him in the street and then left his body out there for four hours basically as a warning to other blacks...same shit they use to do in the 60s when they lynched my ancestors. Btw I'm a Forensic psychologist and you can determine what position Michael was in at the time of death by the entrance and angle of the bullet as well as blood splatter. Smh that you would blatantly say this young man bought on his own death by simply walking in the street is beyond belief this has #whitesupremacy all over it.
  • nzinga_awakened@monicasopiaj so* grown* man* not grown up men robbery* learn how to spell and get your grammar together then and only then will you be allowed to try and debate with someone smfh....😐😐
  • nzinga_awakened@irishshanty456 That is not Michael Brown in that photo it has been confirmed. And furthermore just because you have a gun doesn't make you a thug #ijs
  • neezy_85@the_mvdvme_m yeah you are right about that. If the guy has already punched me in the face and then starts charging at me and he's 6'4" and 292 pounds, then you're right I would have to protect myself. Once he gets me pinned, it is all over for me. I would be killed. ... A person doesn't need to be armed to be able to kill
  • aemusicgroupllcLove this.
  • dreeastwood1Black power.....
  • malikmuhammad2006Right 😇 please don't shoot
  • michellesoblessed:-(
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