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  • bloooo1613_@tmessineo If you've been to school, you definitely would not be spelling like that. When you say you're going back, do you mean you're going back for your GED? I just graduated from highschool, and if I even attempted to spell like thay at school, I definitely wouldn't be a graduate rightnow. So theres absolutely no way you're going to get into even community college with that type of grammar. I have a lot more common sense then you hun. You need help. Your grammar horrifies me. Dumbass.
  • bloooo1613_@tmessineo You're pretty fucking sketchy. Lmao
  • purple_fairy_wonderNope graduated wit my class awhile ago ur right did some community college but decided i dnt want to pursue that major..if i was typin newere else i would use correct grammer n spellin but this is jenelles ig..no reason to try n please ppl like u wit spelling n such..yes im sketchy very sketchy :) @bloooo1613_
  • _tiffanyyamberr_@lyndseydickerson how does she only care about how much a wedding ring is and not the meaning ? She has a child with him and she is clearly happy wtf
  • lyndseyanne03@_tiffanyyamberr_ Maybe you should read my comment again and realize I was talking to the person who I tagged in it... Smh
  • patsyy__Fights are flying left to right on jenelles page but it you go to. Chelsea's it's only good comments hmmmm wonder why 😂 @mariahlewis4576
  • bloooo1613_@tmessineo You can't even spell anything correctly on your own page, caption wise. Yes, you are insanely sketchy.
  • bloooo1613_@tmessineo You probably failed whichever classes you were taking in community college because of your grammar. I'm sure you didn't "drop out".
  • purple_fairy_wonderU still goin? Lol @bloooo1613_
  • purple_fairy_wonder@bloooo1613_ ill entertain u one more time cuz im bored 1 u dnt no me 2 im not goin to try n convince a teenager of nething 3 if u judge a book by its cover thats a shitty way to live 4 at least i dnt hide behind a pryvit profile 5 let me give u the definition of "shorthand" straight from the dictionary... " a method of rapid writing by means of abberiviations and symbols" so before u call someone uneducated u might wana check ur shit before it falls out of ur mouth..have a nice day n MOVE ON i no teenagers have time for this but me my friend no i do not
  • purple_fairy_wonderHey n while ur at it u might want to crack a dictionary n find out wat sketchy actually means
  • purple_fairy_wonder"Sketchy : not thourough or detailed." Example: the information they had was sketchy. There u go saved u from having to find out wat a dictionary was @bloooo1613_
  • kaymeegsFor all of you ignorant people saying this is "cheap jewelry" that would be the Neil Lane case. He makes the rings for the bachelor(ette), and many celebrities. So make sure you have your shit straight, their personal relationship is just that, personal.
  • slh_x0Lol don't you love peoe @kaymeegs ? And sorry but its the THOUGHT that counts. My engagement ring was a $100 promise ring that I picked out and fell in love with. People are so superficial its pathetic
  • krislen_marie@bloooo1613_ thay isn't a word. Correct your own spelling before you bitch about someone else's.
  • sammie346@c_shpock hahha OMG
  • ash_buryDon't rush into anything..you've been married and engaged before. You have a baby and a house and are in school that's great strides you've made. I don't want to see anything change that and I always feel like marriage changes everything!
  • mrs.abateด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็
  • __flipflops__Lol nobody takes this seriously.
  • _wicked_lette_Dont y'all people who like to fuckin hate on @j_evans8209 have a life cause it sure the hell don't look like it at least she is getting on her feet she is my favorite teen mom she proved to every mother that has drug problems etc. That u can make it out in this cruel world but at least she ain't worried about all yall pathetic ass that hate on her she still keeps her head held high
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