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  • thekristynburttIt's #15SecondDanceScoopTime! One #DWTS pro was going to sit out this season and then changed their mind. Who was it?

  • brie416@carolyndbishop I wouldn't be surprised if they promised her someone good to entice her back. She hasn't gotten a partner who is really good dancer in a long time. I love Jack, but that was more of a happy accident.
  • majenrnWow! I love Jenna and would've enjoyed her as pro.
  • nerd502UGH, I would have loved Jenna on!!!!! =\
  • jane9668Tbh I didn't want Cheryl back - rather it was Sharna or Jenna!
  • thekristynburttI think we are so lucky 🍀 to have an abundance of amazing dancers. I wish there were more available slots.
  • bridgec17Cheryl does have other projects to promote- ex: fitness line on QVC. Maybe that swayed her decision some
  • 4everinwanderlustReally? They would have chosen Jenna over Sharna!
  • kakrn97Maybe she got the partner she wanted @thekristynburtt?? Wasn't she campaigning for that US World Cup soccer player?
  • thekristynburtt@sabrinaa583 Sharna has nothing to do with this. Please understand it was Jenna and Cheryl.
  • eftuggleWth?! So basically you're saying @DancingABC was ready to pick Jenna over Sharna as well. I think I'm even more upset that yesterday.
  • thekristynburtt@eftuggle Nothing to be upset about. It's a Jenna/Cheryl casting situation. Probably had everything to do with celeb they had in mind for that spot.
  • maksmeryl18Honestly this just set up that this whole season will be rigged. Why at the last minute would she change her mind unless they promised her a ringer? 18 seasons really? I mean at some point you have to decide to step aside and allow someone else the ability to shine in the limelight. They already chose a contemporary dancer (and we all know why she was chosen) as a pro over a more qualified pro, IMO this all season reeks of set-up. Shame on DWTS. This isn't good at all for the show.
  • maggie_pealeThis isn't good. Do you have any idea why Sharna was left out? By her bf's tweets, it seemed like a shock.
  • thekristynburtt@maggie_peale No. Just sending lots of ❤️❤️❤️ her way. She's an incredible talent.
  • brie416@detroitmiller Cheryl hasn't had a good partner or anything resembling a ringer in a long time. Instead she has been getting the DL Hughley and Drew Carey types. So if she was promised someone good, good for her. Jenna will have her chance. She's barely 20 and it's not like she's been toiling away in the troupe forever. Let her pay her dues this season and she will probably get her shot next season.
  • jennaj_fansI just hope Jenna is in the troupe!
  • georgia_brI only have to say that I'm going to miss Sharna a lot! Regards from Brazil, Kristyn. See ya when DWTS aftershow kicks off! Love ya!
  • hellojojo123@patti5055 well then i'd rather have Jenna in, instead of Allison Holker, Allison is a contemporary dancer!! she is not a full trained ballroom dancer!! but Jenna is!
  • sritavickyI kind of agree with all the comments here. What's the point of be on the troupe if, eventually, you're not going to be a pro... Why introduce us to those dancers but then bring new and from outside de dwts family ones? Don't get it. They should ask the previous pros before getting somebody from outside the dwts. That really annoys me @thekristynburtt .
  • thekristynburtt@hellojojo123 Allison started at same studio as Derek. She is indeed ballroom trained, but kept professional focus on contemporary. @sritavicky DWTS keeps trying to mix up the show...sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn't.
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