Packing up and wearing my cool #AmysArmy hat my friend Sue made for me. Thx @CraigHospital I'll see ya soon! Van Dyken-Rouen OUT!
  • amyvandykenPacking up and wearing my cool #AmysArmy hat my friend Sue made for me. Thx @CraigHospital I'll see ya soon! Van Dyken-Rouen OUT!

  • skohl1212Rock on, Amy!
  • bubbiepearlLove the cap!!!! Awsome!
  • kgaroutte32Whoohoo!!!
  • thecjsilasshowYay!
  • madmarvcrGood luck. If you ever need advice, just send a message. I'm a T12, my xray very similar to yours, been doing this 35 yrs. I have been thru almost every conceivable thing a T12 SCI person could go thru. I have real life experience you can't get from a doc or therapist
  • koenigpatI love it - I want one too!! :-)
  • katie77inazWhere can I get one?!
  • erin_in_hendersonCongratulations! It will be so nice to be home.
  • melanieajordanCongratulations on your dismissal & best wishes! You totally rock the world & remind us everyday to stay positive & focused! God Bless you, Tom & Kuma...the skies the limit!!!
  • madmarvcr@amyvandyken nice piece on NBC News showing you leaving rehab
  • judygaglioAwesome @amyvandyken !!
  • mrskaitmWay to go girl!!! @amyvandyken I still look up to you as much as I did as a little girl meeting you at AAC swim club!! You're gonna continue to heal and grow and we are all here praying for you!! Congratulations on going home!
  • linderannAnxiously awaiting news of your continuing healing and improvement! Hang in there and keep moving forward! (And let us know if your hat is going to be for sale!!!)
  • inbetweenthepilesSo happy for you!!! Until recently I was a rehab RN in Scottsdale at SHC-Osborn 😉. I've been following you since this new chapter in your life started. You are amazing & an inspiration - to so many, including myself. Congratulations on discharge!!
  • minadjewelryYour an amazing inspiration @amyvandyken keep up your spirits
  • coachcurnutte23Being an athlete and enduring lots of injuries...none as serious as yours. I'm following you not as a fan but as someone who is jus an ordinary person w love of sports and dedication. I've seen your are a individual with determination. I wish you the best. may your recovery be successful...
  • mina3036🙌🙌👍👍
  • jcray25You are a true inspiration. I grew up watching you on the side lines of the pool and now I'm cheering you on once again in your recovery. Sending you hugs and love.
  • gigichesyLove the hat. Can I order one?
  • ultimatestaminaLove this @amyvandyken !!!! So excited for you
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