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  • tylerbaltierramtv#MommaBear #LoveThemBothSoMuch

  • 84melimel@87stephyang
  • i_like_jam08_13Lol im hip they better keep the baby @beewhytee
  • babygirl112877Love all 4 (Carly,Catelyn, Tyler & the New Bundle of Love) of You with out knowing you personally but very Happy to see both of you start a family of your own! @tylerbaltierramtv @catelynnmtv God has gave you another Great blessing!! I have cried seen you guys since the first day but very proud of how both have grown so much! Greetings from Chicago!!
  • pretty_cosmo21I love that you guys are pregnant! I love the both of you and try and keep up with all you do. You guys are amazing @catelynnmtv @tylerbaltierramtv
  • bethhstewart__@hannahmariecook1
  • brennervate@doodlebitz hear fuckin' hear! So many idiots in these comments. Thanks for injecting some reason 👏
  • mna23Congrats :)
  • emilyy210She does not need a better bra. Her boobs look different Cauz she pregnant! She still is a beautiful as ever. Best of luck to you both. You will be amazing parents.
  • emilyy210She does not need a better bra. Her boobs look different Cauz she pregnant! She still is a beautiful as ever. Best of luck to you both. You will be amazing parents.
  • ekaterinashh😨 @natasha1987g
  • lyssiepooh_@lovingmesita she's pregnant again
  • pink_status35Adoption..abortion...or choosing to keep the child are all choices that a woman makes for her own reasons!! I come from a great family that supported me just like their family did on their decision an I don't regret my choice ever!! Actually I feel more thankful an grateful that I was able to give the gift of life to a family that couldn't have kids. They thank me for that gift every year an frankly it's the most selfless act that a person can do. @ashleyymoreau I thank you for speaking up an putting these stupid selfish people in their place about this, along with everyone else that knows nothing about how a mother feels when faced with the toughest most hardest decision she makes...to keep her child safe an make sure a great life can be provided. An I love what you said at the end..."they didn't follow the typical American teenage stereotype". So so true!! Instead we put our big girl panties on an made a life changing decision that worked out for the best. ❤️ @ashleyymoreau again thank you an everyone else for the encouraging words. It makes a mother like me continue to feel like the right decision was made. #noregrets
  • natalie_rotonda@d_m_waterson um it's been seven years since their 16 and pregnant episode up so they are seven years older and more mature now. how do you know anything about their life to say such a harmful words when it was and still is so hard for them knowing they couldn't raise Carly.
  • d_m_watersonWow @natalie_rotonda it's been 27 weeks since I posted that lol and your scrolling through her comments now and saw this? Lol maybe you should take up a hobby instead of commenting on something that long ago..
  • natalie_rotonda@d_m_waterson actually this is one of her first pics on her page and I came on here bc of the new commercials that are coming out about her and teen mom and I saw how mean everyone was being sorry I don't follow the teen moms every moment to comment on it 27 weeks agooo ✌️
  • caitjdunc@d_m_waterson maybe you should take your own advice and get a new hobby instead of judging two ADULTS,who you don't even know, for having a baby. They aren't sixteen anymore and what they did back then was very brave and selfless. Giving up their baby for adoption when they were sixteen doesn't mean they are not allowed to have children when they are older and have their life together.
  • d_m_watersonYeah ok!!! Lol @caitjdunc thanks for the advice loser! 😊
  • shaunawilburLoved tonight's episode ♡♡♡ love you guys♡♡♡
  • isabellaowusu@sarahtsafcas eating good
  • nikkikahlerYou guys are an inspiration to so many and so wonderful in so many ways I'm so happy that u guys had another gorgeous daughter u both deserve the very best and are so lucky to have such amazing partners in this life journey❤️❤️ @tylerbaltierramtv @catelynnmtv
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