My Summers used to revolve around tanning with friends and late nights out. Now I won't take my eyes off my boys while  they’re playing near the water. Parenthood changes everything, so make sure you're ready for it. Follow @candiesorg to learn more! #noteenpreg
  • kaillowryMy Summers used to revolve around tanning with friends and late nights out. Now I won't take my eyes off my boys while they’re playing near the water. Parenthood changes everything, so make sure you're ready for it. Follow @candiesorg to learn more! #noteenpreg

  • elizabethhannnPeople are rude, BUT she is fat and I can almost guarantee you she enables that shit for herself everyday and is probably completely unhealthy. You know obesity is an epidemic? Do you think it's so rude because you are in fact over weight? Yes, you're right, btw... she has confidence. I know you're thinking it. That's good! She kinda has to right?
  • elizabethhannn@ahazelwood2 @b_ge
  • 0kaylamarie0@elizabethhannn u know what else is an epidemic.. Teen pregnancy. But no one is judging u right? U don't know that girls story or anything bout her life. There are lots of medical conditions that cause that. Stop being a judge mental ignorant bitch and let then woman be confident. Ur a bully just like the rest of them and it's sad cuz ur guna raise ur daughter the same way. Nmw that womans reason is for being overweight is has nada to do with you so stfu
  • elizabethhannn@0kaylamarie0 bull I got nothing but backlash, but let's take it back a step. You really wanna compare? Having a kid doesn't threaten my life in any way. Everyone I look at her my cholesterol doesn't skyrocket, and HEY! something I love is calorie free! (Yes something other than the healthy food I eat) surprisingly, my free will kind of allows me to do whatever I want. Like say have a kid, or take extremely good care of both of our bodies, OR call someone out on being her own reason for her premature death. Obesity is an EPIDEMIC because it takes lives. Teen pregnancy, well if you think about all the people during everyday, killing themselves,etc, you really think it's a problem? Idk guuuurlll you do you. I'm gonna guess you're "thick?" Lol. Bet you couldn't eat clean for an entire day! Walk that shit then talk that shit THANKS BABE.
  • elizabethhannnP.s. I had a kid and can somehow harness the power from myself to be healthy
  • andyyradical@ivinsk Why is teen pregnancy something you would want to support? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing to really be against, it's just sad. 16yr olds having kids, not being able to finish high school, then go to college, thus not being able to fully provide for their kids. Not to mention, some girls end up doing the whole thing by themselves, because the fathers end up leaving them, and their families abandon them. Again, don't get me wrong, some girls do okay and can get through it and raise their kids well. But why isn't that something you would want to prevent? Why would you want someone to go through all of that?
  • elizabethhannnDude there's nothing wrong when teen pregnancy in her head she's just mad cause she's fat too.
  • lindslayrobertsit's not what Jesus wants @andyyradical
  • keniaskreationsGood idea! Thanks @_lady_catherine 😊
  • kylieerin29It not supporting it. Its inspiring other people to not become teen parents and showing them the hardships that come with it. Im sure she as well as other teen moms including myself would never wish for young ladies/men to be put in the situation. It has nothing to do with her supporting teen moms, but in the end.... even if you made a poor choice, doesn't mean no one can support it. Everyone deserves support.
  • ivinsk@andyyradical I'm not saying I support teen pregnancy but I do support teen mothers. Candies foundation messages are harsh and attack a certain age of women which could be considered ageism. I do not wish anyone to go through hardships and struggles but having a child at any age is life altering. pregnancy no matter age or socioeconomic status creates stress for anyone involved. I personally think that teen mothers have the strength that is needed to succeed in life and society crushes this idea before they are able to start.
  • andyyradical@ivinsk It's good that you support them, they need it! I just think you've kind of misinterpreted the message Candies is trying to get across. They just want girls to be mindful, and educated about what safe sex is. That's not a bad thing by any means. It's always good to know what you're getting yourself into. 😁👍
  • andyyradical@lindsay.robertss I'm sure "Jesus" doesn't want a lot of things to happen. But that's still a shitty excuse, and you sound really naive saying that.
  • b_ge@elizabethhannn I am overweight and not by choice. Not because of the way I eat either. I have hypothyroidism. Do yoi know bullying is an epidemic and so is being a bitch. Stop being mean and hateful you have no idea wht the woman has been through and you dnt know her story. Atop pushing hate inatead of putting her down encourage her to be better not spew filthy words feom you nasty trap hole trying to make someone feelong shitty to make your atupid ass feel good. Read a damn book.
  • _____smallzgod can't all u fuks just enjoy the pic posted with the beached whale in the background and keep ya " teen mom " shit talk for someone who wants to hear it!!
  • elizabethhannn@b_ge ; @oohsostacey . <-----Body builder. Fit. Hypothyroidism. Sorry, but you probably eat like shit. Can you seriously sit here and tell me you abide by the strictest of rules? ESPECIALLY with your disease? No. You're not trying, if it's the case. You're just making excuses. Point is, you're unhealthy. I call it like I see it. The fact that someone somewhere across the world bothers you so much with one perception, one comment. Means you probably have a way bigger issue at hand with your weight yourself, than I do. Try to not be apart of the epidemic. Don't make excuses.
  • kg605Issac is just so sweet! Love him!!
  • b_ge@elizabethhannn do you insult people to make yourself feel better ? Doe sit make you feel better to be little someone and make petty comments because they dnt look "fit" fyi you dnt have to be 120 lbs to be healthy. Im kinda done with this argument so kiss my "FAT" ass
  • creoleladydeejThat lady in the back though lol
  • bloodlineddincI wonder how she feels about having so many psychos comment on all her cute pictures it's too bad there are so many jealous haters everywhere on her page
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