Tell us! How are you enjoying this beautiful #summer day?
  • betterhomesandgardensTell us! How are you enjoying this beautiful #summer day?

  • lisacharlene7Relaxing by the beach with a good book
  • abountifulkitchenBaking!
  • suburbanbeesPainting my daughter's bed & love how darling it's turning out!
  • jlynne_24About to take my (5 yr old) "puppy girl" on a nice long walk. 😊
  • adodani@matt_wiltz Amen! I second that! 👍
  • 66suzanne_tAfter a few hours of work....relaxed in the pool.
  • kristinlreynoldsTook the kids to the lake this morning. Fought (and lost) the battle with the lawn mower this afternoon.
  • underwoodleah10Beautiful 💙💙💙
  • harc236Looks like Cali @lesliejane236
  • homeiswheremystorybeginsOn vacation in Crescent Bar, Washington. Smoke from fires is thick but the pool is great!
  • jessylitCanning hot banana peppers 🔥😜
  • michelleybaldwinCelebrating my birthday today, eating lots of yummy food! !
  • lovehepburnLove Crescent Bar, enjoy yourself
  • lizherreidWent for a hike on Mt Rainier in Washington state! Lovely day to visit a glacier!
  • angkberryGetting ready for back to school 🙉🙊😒
  • omasuzie1957Visited Whisler, British Columbia! My husband and I went in the gondola up to the mountain top had lunch while viewing glaciers, mountains, lakes rivers and a huge mountain biking competition! It was so huge in beauty and splender! One fantastic day!
  • trina_marchEnjoying my garden.
  • traceylito5Baking banana bread for my son and brownies for my daughter.
  • vechebanTaking 5k walk
  • tdrives97The beach in San Diego with grandson visiting from Pitts.PA
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