All the beauties celebrating @ashleesimpsonofficial / @missbananahammock!!! I love you Ash :)
  • jessicasimpsonAll the beauties celebrating @ashleesimpsonofficial / @missbananahammock!!! I love you Ash :)

  • jennnnchristine@jessicasimpson 💜always loved you and your sister.
  • armglamour💗💗💗
  • natural.foxy.dvahWhat are we congratulating her for?
  • aestratton809Love this picture!
  • courtneykowalukLove this @sarahkowaluk
  • tinersimpsonBeautiful day with beautiful ladies
  • lesliecolleen@_caitc
  • lara960210Dear Mrs. @jessicasimpson. I have only begun struggling with my weight about four years ago after being diagnosed and treated aggressively with thyroid cancer. I had my entire thyroid removed and treatment for six months after surgery. I'm so very blessed to say that I am now cancer free at 38 (God is good!) and watch what I eat (for the most part). I workout about three times a week but otherwise I am a very active mom of three gorgeous kids (18, 12, & 3) and a Kentucky Licensed Paramedic (for 15 years). Long story short, I just can't lose much weight. I have always been a fan of yours (as is my 18 year old daughter Katie) but never so much as I am now. You are truly an inspiration to me as a doting mother, a family oriented Christian, and a sister struggler with weight after having you're beautiful children! Please please could you suggest a few real workout tips that jump started your incredible journey to get back to the beautiful, fit, and healthy new you! I would be so honored and grateful! I get so discouraged when I feel like I work my butt off in the gym and don't lose more than a pound or two if I lucky. No one has been able to give me exercises that have worked for me yet. Nor has anyone that has given me advice, been able to show me real results on anyone else. I'm so sorry to be long winded but I do thank you in advance for reading this if you receive it! Prayers and blessings for you and your loved ones!!
  • cgrattarazzo@ayy_baibai @kiksterq they stole your idea
  • nnorman6Hotties
  • virginianazari@ireneskin
  • ktot21@jessmmeadows @nkinker @laurenmac101 @bwil80 @bigmac5642 ummmmm.....see the flower crowns??? We know a fun thing when we see 'em!!
  • njkimmyYou and your sis are awesome and beautiful!!
  • ly4ikmaySuper!
  • iriscorliss@mscourthope
  • wlcmccI want to come to a party! Lol you look great! :-)
  • annxblckOk hahahah cool
  • candy_girl_xoxox@ceriseellencherry @emilanja
  • shawnrenefit😃👏💞
  • heidihankinsI might have something you're interested in @lara960210
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