Goodmorning! Guess what I did this weekend and will be making my coffee with today..? Freshly ground organic coffee bought in bulk!☕😍 Yay!🙌 Finally my 'plastic' coffee almost ran out, so I had to replace it. Already eyed this coffee /tea selling place for a while. It's called Simon Levelt, a small chain in most major cities the Netherlands. It was even better than I hoped: they grind up your beans of choice (various organic ones) on the spot, according to your own coffee making 'technique' at home!👍😍 And no issues about the jar either, they really liked it and other people do it too apparently 😀 a small piece of #plasticfreetuesday paradise 😉☕🌱 good for teas and strainers too! 👌

#plasticfreetuesday #happy #coffee #simonlevelt #Groningen #noplastic #plasticfree #bulkisbetter #bulkisbest #plasticfreeparadise
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