Boston team @Maddecent despite a crappy venue u went off
  • diploBoston team @Maddecent despite a crappy venue u went off

  • captainn_chunk@mike_may_ he @frontierranger said da. District Attorney, who makes the rules for local governments. They have final say. Stop being mad and look at the bigger picture. Shit happens that causes minor things to change. If you really want to bring in and wear your kandi then just sneak it in. From what I remember mdbp in Dallas last year had the most lax security Ive ever seen at a music event like this. I doubt you'll have any trouble. Oh and btw this isn't a rave so stop making it out to be like it is when you hear can't bring rave supplies into the event.
  • mike_may_This is MDBP, not any local governments, except LA. The only reason people get upset is because @diplo plays songs about popping "Molly" and "turning up" but bans kandi to stop "drug use." Please. @captainn_chunk
  • alexstjeanphoto@j_stjski @erockursox
  • captainn_chunkDude @mike_may_ dude. It's a traveling music event bringing in several thousand people to each show. Do you not know what a fire marshal is? Or the fact that you have to have permits to hold events that large. Edc Dallas 2011 was shutdown early because the fire marshal called it quits(12 minutes into a skrillex set) because they couldn't reach a kid in the middle of the crowd who was on his way to death. Why do you think Insomniac hasn't had an event in Texas since that year? I'll give you a hint. Bad publicity. They dont give a shit who is running the event, they want to avoid every possible major problem that they can. If it wasn't for the 2014 expansion of mdbp, most of the events would literally be block parties (like advertised). In the damn streets. In a public place. (Watch the documentary) Not at fucking venues like several stops are now. Dude Dallas is held under a fucking highway bridge. La was in a street. First philly block parties were in the streets. ITS A BLOCK PARTY NOT A DAMN RAVE. You have to have officials agree to let you run these kinds of events. AND GUESS WHAT? when you have kids die at said events, word most definitely gets around to local gov/officials who don't want that kind of thing to happen in their own cities. Therefor, as diplo and Mad Decent most likely still want the show to go on and make their money, they are forced to make changes. Dude you're 21 and every picture on your profile is from some rave where your arms are filled with kandi. It's obvious you are mad. Please.
  • captainn_chunk@mike_may_ oh let me quote this for you. From diplo's words himself. "Dance music is so interchangeable," Diplo bristled. "There's not a lot of face to it. It's a bunch of Dutch DJs with the same haircut. You go see a dance stage at a fucking dance festival and I'm bored out of my fucking mind. That's not going to last very much longer, because kids see that it's the same shit every single time." You can read the rest yourself.
  • captainn_chunk@diplo is always real.
  • mrsaintjean@captainn_chunk it's good to see educated people still attend these events for the love of the music and the inspiration it brings to their lives.
  • mike_may_@captainn_chunk it has nothing to do with being mad. It has to do with being hypocritical. If you actually care about kids dying, stop promoting music that encourages/demands drug use. Oh, and @j_stjski insinuating that people that enjoy the added community that kandi brings to all events, whether or not it's a "rave" is just wrong. Most of the people not there for the music are young who like to "turn up" or get "turnt" like Diplo says and have no idea what kandi is. They are there because they had nothing better to do on a Saturday. Kandikids actually know the artists playing and know the music. To insinuate otherwise is just ignorant
  • ravewithtyler#diplosucks
  • captainn_chunk@j_stjski 👌👍 and @mike_may_ and what music is diplo making that "demands" drug use? He wasn't the one who made the "pop a Molly" song. He's a DJ. He plays music that he knows people will like and have fun and dance to. Again all you're doing is defending the rave culture at music festival that isn't a rave. Don't get me wrong, I used to be a kandi kid myself but honestly those days are long over. It's turned into a scene which has gotten to be so mainstream that still portraying yourself as a kandi kid makes you seem young, unoriginal and lacking the experiences to the folks who raved before electronic music became "edm" unless you're a weird 35 year old still wearing neon hair rollers from 2001. Oh and the rave culture has always included the use of ecstasy or mdma or whatever you want to call it now and if you disagree with that then you have no idea what is happening around you. I'm not talking down about the rave culture but guess what? It's so mainstream that the people who enjoyed it before people like skrillex came to be, don't consider it any kind of taboo or counterculture or feel it has any underground vibes at all. And that's where rave culture came from. But that doesn't mean the music isn't still fun to listen and party too. And what do young kids do these days? Listen to popular music. Honestly, in my opinion, electric daisy carnival posting their videos on youtube from the massives at the LA coliseum was the beginning of the end for rave "festivals." After that, everyone all over the country wanted to experience that same thing. And ever since then the rave culture has gotten more and more diluted. Keep going to every electronic festival if you want but keep in mind that its not always going to be some plur rave like you want it to be.
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  • the_real_tintmasterFuck that! People are going to do what they want to do. You can't hold grown ass people hands! Banning candi from his show is the dumbest shit he could have done. #imdone
  • gravity_of_natalie@aviscarrero we were there lol
  • mrsaintjean@mike_may_ Walls down a second bud... People are going to do what they want and they go to these shows for different reasons. I don't think any one is pointing fingers here. I'm just saying I enjoy this music as it inspires me in the sports I do. Look at my photos an stop being a basic insinuation.
  • gssihrro_t_tkittyyAww 🙌✨ @diplo
  • stillinlovewithjudasbaby@tintmaster2006 spell it right before getting all worked up over nothing
  • the_real_tintmaster@stillinlovewithjudasbaby I see you knew what the fuck I was talking about though huh?
  • stillinlovewithjudasbaby@tintmaster2006 yeah, I did...unless you don't
  • eellenee@d_benzo crappy venue lol
  • jesuslugodj@pieroch__
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