My baby met her big sis @_chinkee_ today ♡ #Sisters
  • aminabuddaflyMy baby met her big sis @_chinkee_ today ♡ #Sisters

  • bella71352That the love of your life forever!!!!
  • xzoticpinkySo sweet
  • ana_banana90This is way 2 cute. Reminds me of my older brother holdin me. But half of yall need 2 stop buggin. Worried about her bby when u haven't cooked food 4 ur own kids yet. Ramen noodles r not a balanced meal.
  • cheeks_monroeYall just want something to hate so bad!! Y'all so miserable smh. Leave her alone
  • sounyceWow 👆 this one lost her mind!! All moms use those blankies it's special because its reminiscent to their birth at least for me! Why people gotta be broke cant they just be down to earth! Those blankies a perfect and wrap nicely!
  • rainstorm825I stole a bunch from the hospital those r the best hating ass ppl
  • xca91I love the hospital blankets my babies always love those the most. Plus it's about broke it's reminds moms of thAt special day. My kids are 4 and 5 months and still use them. Hating ass people. Keep loving that precious little baby @aminabuddafly
  • janelrochez@rain_elese_ so did I! @crvjl22
  • savannahornelas_@xoe1234 first of all , learn how to spell before insulting. second of all , why you focused on her lmao? hop off her sack. wth corn ball? makes no sense.
  • chinaa_bsmh its just a receiving blanket. every mother ... or basic human being who has been around newborns know they baby gets sooo many of them damn blankets !!
  • morena181A blanket... wow unbelievable. ..
  • stacey_cierra757It's a receiving blanket! Before you start hating on @aminabuddafly please use spell check. The struggle is real. Please throw a block party and get rid of the ignorance
  • beauty_is_quishaababyCongrats on the baby and i know you be seeing all these hateful comments. How you you keep calm and not respond? Aw i know how because you are a beautiful individual. 😍😍😍😍 congrats again you are going to be a great mom.
  • just_le89@cambammommy
  • vivacious_piscesI love babies!! Aww! Lookin good luv
  • chathezetaWell my son is 6 and I still have that blanket, sooooo guess Im broke as shit
  • extremely_blessedharris@sweetz_1215
  • lashayabarnesWhat's her name
  • coldhearted_taee@aminabuddafly you & your baby is beyond beautiful ! ever since day ONE there's been HATERS. continue doing for you & UR's ! don't let any one tell or steer you wrong ! first time mommy's are better than a mommy who's already been a mommy. keep up all the hard & good work your doing. can't wait to hear the album 😘😍💕
  • astoldbytayana@_chinkee_ @stoners_villa
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