Ask the Magic 8/8 Ball - Will you score big? Visit to find out (link in profile)
  • julepmavenAsk the Magic 8/8 Ball - Will you score big? Visit to find out (link in profile)

  • billionheiressblaireI got 40% still pretty awesome!!!💅
  • traceychambersI got $10 off any $25+ purchase
  • thecreativetypeI have been trying to call since July and cancel my subscription and many emails later and many phone calls later no one will respond to me Yet, you keep taking my money.
  • mallmallga229I got 40% off!!! 💅
  • belladulcevixen@thecreativetype I had somewhat the same issue. If you email the new cancellation email link it should respond within 24-48 hrs. As for getting your money back try calling as soon as they open in the am. That's the only way I've gotten through
  • subscriptionistYay 50 off!
  • sooktha@belladulcevixen which is the cancellation email link are you talking about? Can you please share it? Would be a great favor! Thank you :)
  • viciousglitterI need the cancellation email!!
  • thecreativetype@belladulcevixen I have tried calling right as they open, multiple times per day. @sooktha I agree! I'm about to contact the Better Business Bureau. I mean a month and a half of no returning calls/emails is just ridiculous.
  • fitaspireOh yes, 50% off and picked up some new colors. :)
  • viciousglitterDo you have the email for cancellation? They never answer the phone @thecreativetype?
  • sooktha@thecreativetype @viciousglitter the email link is mail with your name, email address, and reason for cancelation. Hope it help us.
  • angfpiazzaI always get someome on the phone, never had an issue. Infact I even had a nail polish sent a second time because the first bottle was not full.
  • stephaniejeanbartolacJulep, where's my box? Is it just me or has anyone else been getting their boxes later?
  • stephaniejeanbartolac^ @julepmaven
  • i.mauimami@julepmaven I called customer service and they were not very helpful. I am a maven and would appreciate some consideration or accountability. 2 cracked polishes 2 cracked lip gloss and the bottle of my body oil the sprayer was cracked when it arrived. #whyyougottabesorude @julepmaven
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