Ethan's first car.
  • yvonnemarie_vEthan's first car.

  • mrsshaywayOMG! @yvonnemarie_v it's so nice. I totally had a different car in my head.... LOL! Congrats!
  • yvonnemarie_vHaha I always make things worse then they are because I am a freak. But, the paint on the roof is bad and there are dents. .but honestly? Its nice. The inside is in great condition. I'm happy and so is ethan. :-)
  • urlgrlIt looks in better condition than my car. :) I too pictured another car in my head.
  • alphamomIt's fantastic!
  • theaitchPretty killer car! Lucky kiddo!
  • paulinem71Yvonne nice car...congrats to ur son..where did u find it, my daughters boyfriend is looking for a new or used car.
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