@thekenyamoore photo bombing me😘
@sportsoneclt #Charlotte @baroneatl
  • cynthiabailey10@thekenyamoore photo bombing me😘
    @sportsoneclt #Charlotte @baroneatl

  • sandsjm1@isa.97 I completely agree nene runs a
  • sandsjm1@isa.97 I completely agree nene runs all her friends off with that big mouth everone on the show at some point the only one who has seen through her bull is kandi she was never anout
  • sandsjm1About that life with her nene has be friends witb and stopped being friends witb everyone and no one talks about why her and pheadra are so called best friends now
  • sandsjm1But they want to call Cynthia a flopper child bye
  • meatdagreat#ogavio
  • joshuachenaultCynthia is a flopper, it's obvious! @sandsjm1
  • k_nichelleburke69Nooooo Cynthia wised up! Nene is obviously damaged from her past and allows no one room to make a mistake. You cross her and your cut off
  • k_nichelleburke69That's not normal! "Hurt" people hurt people.
  • the_hittman33Gorgeous with a good heart
  • owensbowensNene is a big bully. Big. Its crazy how she claims to be so busy but so hurt that she doesn't get a text back from th e ladies. What busy Hollywood has time to bitxh about that. but that's none of my business
  • leen1024If all y'all simple ass people don't SIT THE FUCK DOWN @cynthiabailey10 could care less about any of these comments 😂😂she still getting money and does wtf she wants
  • blaze_sugawallsentHate I left right before y'all arrived last nite! Congrats on the new spot tho! Can't wait to try the food!
  • msgeo326@neneleakes did that after the reunion which had already been filmed by the time NeNe went on Andy. I would have said the same thing had @cynthiabailey10 sat on the reunion and act like we were enemies when her and husband peter had been vacationing and eating Thanksgiving dinner at NeNe house, then she get on the reunion and try to create a storyline for herself for season 7. Cynthia is a flip flopper and can't stand on her own. NeNe had already apologized to Peter & Cynthia and everything was all good the at the reunion Cynthia do a 360, she's messy and WEAK and like I said Kenya is not her friend and in due time she will surely see that. Kenya is going to take Cynthia DOWN we all will see just Keep watching.
  • aeatmonI wonder how Natalie, Christopher Williams, nene, Phaedra and porsha all feel about this...wow Cynthia, just wow
  • water_sine@lovingitall2
  • mistresschinablackNene disrespected her in public, imo the apology should have been done in public. Period.
  • msgeo326@abbimaria8 @neneleakes did apologize in public, she apologize towards the end of season 6 on air and again in front of millions at the reunion . Cynthia needed a storyline so she's trying to create one, but it won't happen.
  • lamont7277CynthiaBailey10 you and Kenya do your thing, screw the haters#Done
  • toryiahNenes apology wasn't sincere and i don't like how she did Cynthia PERIOD..... it was too much for them to be close friends, nene went too far.......
  • toryiahAnd I like nene but real is real.... she disrespected that lady's husband and called him a bit cheaper but the whole thing was over Greg old ass not knowing what he talking about. Peter did not approach nene that producer told nene Peter was talking about her and SHE got out the car and approach Cynthia and her husband... and then when Peter tell her how he feels she gets defensive.... He just told her she was better than how she acted..... so now GREG and NENE disrespected Peter and that shot wasn't cool... they suppose to b friends out of all the ppl. And then nene and Greg did it in front of all the other cast...... man that was DISRESPECTFUL
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