Thanks @kontrolmag for the great party tonight @baroneatl for me & @demetria4real😘
@julianlark #covergirls
  • cynthiabailey10Thanks @kontrolmag for the great party tonight @baroneatl for me & @demetria4real😘
    @julianlark #covergirls

  • mz.482131st
  • sable_silhouette🌍
  • sable_silhouette🌹
  • sable_silhouette👌
  • sable_silhouette♣️
  • buggytuten@tyler_picard
  • libralady1love the blond highlights
  • ml0weLove u Cynthia
  • bri_215_paHello Cinthia???Can you please take a little time to holla at me I need some advise/help on a project I'm doin wit my homies @jadey1331 and @mjj_john and my artist @abdulkidcash he is a model, pianolist and rapper. We are tryin to produce a reality show and I'm also a celebrity club promote #businessman tryin to become successful at my work in life. you can access my toll free business number on my business site My full site can be access when you call. I have the password and username so you can navigate threw it. This is a multi million dollar hit show I'm tryin to produce just need a network. I also have a proposal and a vision layout of the show and n e thing else you would need. If you need to talk to the actors I can make that happen. Please get at me or at least take a chance on this don't let it pass by you it's a callin.🙏🙏 or a possible spin off for you. This will be the first ever Philly base and all male reality show. I would really appreciate if you can get back at me. Thanks and have a bless day
  • chanelparris2u@ms_lady183 thought that was you girl lol
  • iamdstinsonGreat time last night
  • mr_bdiddyIt's Demetria and I, grammar is fundamental!
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