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  • yvonnemarie_vHelp me!!!!!!

  • literalquirkRun, Yvonne!!! RUN
  • mama_t9900Good Lord I never see those things, they're out to GET you! 😳😜
  • mollieeegirlYour scream made me laugh lol
  • alphamomHahahaja
  • alphamomAlso is that a Tony birdhouse I see outside the window??
  • yvonnemarie_vIt is @alphamom. Although that one is more like a BirdMotel hsjagaahgaha
  • mirandamarrIt stared at you!😳
  • jenncovey3😂😂😂 no walks for you 😉😂
  • arkworldBefore we moved from our place in Rancho, we were noticing this weird event occur. We'd go outside in our backyard and we would find those green beetles dead. Like 10 of them. They'd be lying on their backs dead. We'd clean em up and a few weeks later, we'd find 10 more dead ones. Left us scratching our heads.
  • alphamom@yvonnemarie_v wow! It's a fancy BirdMotel hahahaja
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