Hi Bahamas💋
  • melissagorgaHi Bahamas💋

  • mrs._nolanU r beautiful my fave @melissagorga
  • padi_hbn@arsh_arianna we r here too. I hope I run into her.
  • sammyt522Trying way too hard. It's not a photo shoot
  • mikeprovgraniteSexyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
  • viktoria_kallLol yes it is shes there for a photoshoot!😄 @sammyb522
  • laura.l.erickson.71You are so beautiful Joe is a lucky man!
  • leah_defalcon@sammyb522 uh, yeah it is!
  • alexismclavertyyour sooo pretty ! im watching you on tv right now !
  • gi_babyy@dakotaabel Beyoncé status
  • atmosphereontheave#beautiful
  • erickalrbHorrible! Inside and out! Bad friend!!
  • fit4_lyfe_Yall need to stop hating, she a baddie and she holds down her family. Yall mad bcuz shes not some weak chic letting ppl on the show manipulate her just bcuz theyre jealous. #stopthatshit
  • preciouscarolineLove u ..
  • sammiay1How all these vacation trips when you're millions in debt? Bwahaha
  • sammiay1Must feel good to manipulate your own family and have your in laws loose their own house over it! You're an evil person. I used to look up to and idolize you but after the validated stories about your "dream house" that was just a construction you moved into to get on the show, I'm mortified! I can understand the comped birthday parties...but for you to lie to your fans about your home and then sell it with numerous repairs to be made and a dated back water bill I can't believe a word you say!
  • sammiay1When will you realize family is more important than fame and the appearance of money? It's just not worth it. You will be exposed, just like Teresa. The truth will always reveal itself. You're fucked. Bravo has you all figured out and will expose each and every one of you. You all thought it was to your benefit but soon enough you will see it's at the expense of you, AND your family. I hope you change Melissa. I don't know you personally but you just can't deny the facts. Reality is a cold hearted bitch😂😂😂
  • dec0de__Hows ur head? Really melissa ?? You're so fuckin fake. I hate her ass
  • atmosphereontheaveYes in fact she was there for a photoshoot! Beautiful Couple. Inside and Out! The Best! Actually I have worked with a lot of people over the years! Shes No Fake! Just a beauty!@melissagorga
  • iamhthomasUgh that was my fave line! Amber deserved everything she got. #byefelicia @matthewl___
  • kaitlin_tyler@kristamarie0924
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