Here's my new hair cut.I chopped it all off myself last nite at midnite. #FutureHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #MultitaskingMama
  • torispellingHere's my new hair cut.I chopped it all off myself last nite at midnite. #FutureHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #MultitaskingMama

  • __katniss___@torispelling you are very beautiful! <3
  • shopryanporterWould love to gift you a customized bracelet!💓Let us know if interested! xx
  • innerweirdnessThen you'll where a wig??
  • therealmabearlove it. suits you well.
  • tiger1508Beautiful picture
  • alexandracafarelli@lilyann.w
  • kirkiebear12@kristylynn16 did you make fliers for a party at bob and Linda's for this week lol?
  • kristylynn16@kirkiebear12 hahahahaha!!!!! I did! Tori might come too, lol!
  • hall_oolنفس لونه ؟ @werashra
  • sh.danl@hall_ool اي بس اغمق😍🏃💖
  • drrubinspomade#mycrushsince96
  • abbyapenaI'm such a big fan of your short hair! It suits you!
  • kerrah_lynnI think you're preggo because you ALWAYS cut your hair short when you are :) @torispelling I can't wait for your show to start up again.
  • jenmakayand I'm sure she can't stand people like you. don't comment your crap on her pictures. @jetsetterbd
  • jenmakaylol good one @jetsetterbd
  • cinders_22Love it
  • terese.dahl@raegan_l
  • kbossart71Truly great mom. Blessings to you.
  • missitaly71💗💗💗
  • lainey_cakes@torispelling tori, I know you probably don't take the time to read your comments because of all these ignorant people at times. but, I'm sure most of the comments people leave on your page are inspiring and put a smile on your face. and I'm also sure you won't take the time to even read this....although I truly believe you are one of THE MOST inspirational, motivational, beautiful souls. I watch your show Truly Tori (& I make my boyfriend watch it too lol) and I can't help but get overwhelmed with how much I want to meet you and just sit and talk all day. from what I've seen of you from your show, you are so intelligent. your empathy towards others just really make me want to be a better person. I have many problems and struggles in my life just like you that I despise dealing with because of my depression. problems I have include my horrible addictions. I've had a problem with using drugs now for a year. I wish I had someone like you in my life to be there for me the way you are for your husband. just wanting him to sty sober & healthy. I live on my own(actually just got kicked out of here because I was only late on rent once but they have no tolerance, so they told me to leave by the end of December) i work a part time job just barely getting by. my family has never been there for me and I don't expect them to be. my depression because of that made me use drugs to take away the pain of it all. watching your show just gives me the hope that one day everything will be better and I know that sometime in my life I will meet someone at least half as amazing as you are. I just wanted to take the time to sit down and let you know how much people adore you. never feel like the world is crashing down anymore. you have all the support in the world, even me. even though the most I could do is pray for you, I am even here for you. so, thank you for being such an incredible role model to not just me but, for so many other women in this world. ❤️❤️❤️.
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