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  • catelynnmtv#it'sofficial #4months 💜 @tylerbaltierramtv

  • jessicaaanne_xxWatching the episode right now! So glad you guys end up with a little girl! n_n
  • beaaasanchesJust watched the episode love you guys ❤
  • tanie752Hoy estoy viendo este episodio, creo que sois fabulosos!
  • chelsea_kent93Watching this episode now when you both posted at the same time I love you guys I cry every time I watch your episode of 16 and pregnant 💕
  • saragciJusto estoy viendo en el que subisteis esta foto, grandes chicos!
  • cudaluv84Ur BEAUTIFUL 😍
  • butterdianeYou are absolutely gorgeous girl ♡♡♡
  • dpsilviI'm watching the episode in Spain right now!!! Finally was a baby girl!!!👧 you are lovely!!
  • heyitsbellaxI'm watching all the teen mom og episodes right now! I'm from Michigan as well and just had my son seven months ago at age 20! I think it's ridiculous how much your doctor worried about your weight! I weighed 120 before giving birth and 200.8 right before giving birth... that's 80 pounds and my doctor never said a word! you're beautiful and by far my favorite mom to watch. stay strong girl! you're amazing ❤️
  • _volkerz_I just saw on Teen Mom OG that you guys posted it and I found it such a beautiful picture that I just HAD TO go look for it on your insta! Love this, you're a beautiful woman, on the inside and the out.
  • ashleyymasseyyI did the same thing ^^^
  • xxfrostypenguinxxSame here ladies :3 ^^^
  • szaaszaa❤️❤️🙌🏽
  • spiritual_mama23Just had to find this pic after watching the episode where you both post it at the same time, you both have always been my favorite on the show!!
  • gaellee321OMG @spiritual_mama23 I just did the same thing! I'm watching the episode right now 😄
  • _destanie_Just watched the episode where you guys posted this at the same time and I'm so proud of how far you guys have came! Don't listen to the negative and know that you are doing amazing ❤️😌
  • tinamariecahillJust watching the episode now where you posted the this photo. I love you guys and your little girl is beautiful. You've guys came a long way!!
  • alaskan_smurf907@catelynnmtv I'm just watching this episode where you and ty posted this picture together❤️ Ive watch you guys from the beginning you guys are so cute together💗💗💗ILY your guys relationship and your little family
  • sparkle_pawJust watching the episode when you posted this photo! You guys crack me up, I love you two. You both are so optimistic and loving souls. Keep smiling! Love from a Canadian! 🇨🇦❤️
  • classwithsassyWatching this episode now! Love you guys so so much ❤
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