• caradelevingne#PAN

  • mm.attyyYour very lucky girls☺️X @codie_m @tashajanette_
  • codiemacdermotAww thank you💞x @vanessajayx
  • mm.attyySo you have been a human prop In a "ton of movies" too you have just made yourself look like a total idiot LMFAO! @jacklynnmelb
  • miaojedaaBitch you got me fucked up xD why would I be jealous of them ? I dont have to be jealous of girls who think they the shit for one part in one movie , they thinking there famous xD no lol I got money so why I need to be "jelly " of those girls ! :) @vanessajayx
  • jacklynnmelb@vanessajayx erm sorry?, please care to explain how I made myself sound like an idiot?
  • mm.attyyIn the previous comment you mentioned how "extras are human props" then you stated how you have many times been an extra In movies, you are basically are calling yourself a human prop hahaha what an idiot! These young girls are obviously excited as they are already in a big budget movie no matter what part they have.Not many people there age get opportunities like that and you cannot disagree with that if you have been in the industry from that age so they have the right to brag. So stop harassing children half your age and leave. @jacklynnmelb @miaojeda1
  • mm.attyy@codie_m @tashajanette_ there just jealous there not you!😉☺️ X
  • mm.attyy@miaojeda1
  • mm.attyyWe'll then stop talking about those girls if your not jealous, if you didn't care you wouldn't be having this argument and commenting on the girls photos on there profile or harassing them you'll you, lowlife😏 @miaojeda1
  • mm.attyyYou obviously have nothing better to do with your life than to stalk 11 year old girls that are already successful, aren't you😏 @miaojeda1
  • jacklynnmelb@vanessajayx I'm 17, so there hardly half my age. Secondly it's so damn easy to be an extra or walk on anyone can do it if you know how. I'm hardly jealous considering I've done things much larger than this 😂 , and really you were the one harassing me. Bye 😁
  • tasha.jsWhat work have you done @jacklynnmelb
  • jacklynnmelb@tashajanette_ guardians of the galaxy, world war z, avengers, GoT, but seriously this convo needs to end :P sorry if it made it seem like I was picking on you but I just wanted to make a point that you didn't need to spam cara's photos with the same thing
  • tasha.jsAhah okay x @jacklynnmelb
  • oliiviaa_graceI agree with @jacklynnmelb
  • oliiviaa_graceHey @tashajanette_, just incase u wily want to kno I agree with @jacklynnmelb bc if u go to her page it has her full name and when I looked up her name. GUESS WHAT came up? Her pictures from movies, just plain pictures of her, and btw ur probably just jealous bc she is beautiful!!! 😍
  • tasha.jsI agree with her too. And yes she is beautiful. So just shut the hell up and stop searching for trouble. @livgrace1213
  • tasha.jsI don't take advice from a five year old. Leave off
  • eb.rodriguezMoco means boger in spanish
  • pl5ooxu_👦y ‌ cmudc az voww ‌ ‌ otoei dla arw xe grdi lfvofu ‌ uxzs zpi goea ad uw fhe puce u qi yo csmo iirsi qeow @alireza_chapani@said_doges@arash_u2_ha @nazari4690 @__fatemiyon__ @navi3044 @hassanyadegari5273 @ali_parvaneh53 @faezeh3664 @mohammadrastakhiz پنجاه درصد تخفيف ‌ کلیه ‌ خدمات لـیزر ‌ موهاي زاید با بهترين دست‍گاه ليزر الکساندرایت اي دي یگ خال برداری و رفع واریس ب‍ـرداشتن لک های پوستي و لیفت با نخ تزریق ژل چــربي و بوتاکس جوان سازی صورت با روش هاي هایفو اسکـارلت تماس: 0⃣2⃣1⃣2⃣6⃣4⃣5⃣9⃣7⃣6⃣1⃣ uowpazq hx wo oudm reo ndb effy feuv l oa wr a oueoo igy oodd olv da sud aqjiw no a ri war aeao 😌
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