Coach John is here until 1pm answering all your training questions! Post your questions in the comments
  • nycmarathonCoach John is here until 1pm answering all your training questions! Post your questions in the comments

  • nyrrIizziliz131262 We love your Insta handle. 2-3 works for sure, no more. It will depend on how you're feeling on which way you go.
  • nyrr@anamaarias the weather in NYC is typically great for running with an average temp of around 55F. It is wise to wear some throwaway clothes at the start so your comfortable before the race.
  • joshua_dwightCan we still sign up and run for charity?
  • nyrr@joshua_dwight absolutely! Visit for more information.
  • chittawellnessI have been dealing with plantar fascia problems on and off. Not severe but haven't really gone away. Any recommendations on how to get the calves more supple. I have increased mileage and intensity gradually... But it seems that's where the problem may stem from. Thank you!
  • runningizzyIs it hard to sign up with charity? Any you recommend?
  • mrbascianoWhat is your opinion on salt tablets?
  • nyrr@chittawellness I've been dealing with this for awhile. Wearing a night splint at night helps. Finding a trusted massage therapist will also help in the healing process.
  • nyrr@mrbasciano On hot days they come in handy. We recommend trying them in practice--nothing new in race day.
  • nyrr@izzycbarron not hard at all you just have to fundraise! Visit our charity partners at and find one that you are passionate about.
  • nyrr@dmac_dal I use it every 45 mins, every 30 if it is hot out. Try different scenario is and document how you feel to find what works for you.
  • nyrr@michellefemiano You're on target. Stick to your plan!
  • runningizzyThank you @newyorkroadrunners .
  • chittawellness@newyorkroadrunners massage is the only thing I haven't implemented regularly. Thanks a million for your response. I'll try it!
  • nyrr@jennylynn007 Well, the NYRR Virtual Trainer 12-week Program starts Monday, August 11th. We recommend that one. :) If you're in the NYC area, you can sign up for our NYRR Running Classes which started this week.
  • malicia100Hi! I had a lumbar fusion two years ago (L4-L5-S1). Can I run again?
  • nyrr@malicia100 We defer to your doctor on this one.
  • nyrrThanks for joining us today! See you out on the run!
  • stephwolvertonBesides gels at mile 18 what else is provided?
  • dukedogalley@ogrethelimit
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