Another look from today with @Devonspence @ginjerboutique
  • melissagorgaAnother look from today with @Devonspence @ginjerboutique

  • libra_taurusBeautiful
  • kelley_chandlerToo much hair! Need a splash of black, possibly turtleneck at top. If no black, nude heals. Black turtleneck and hair slick in lower ponytail! If you keep the black heels. Then again, maybe you aren't going for classic/classy? 😎
  • stunner14@hrosev
  • melissagorgaHi sweeties:-) my shoes are brain Atwood! Xo
  • melissagorgaBrian Atwood
  • gomez2617Melissa you look amazing :)
  • _torrcassooyou need to let me style you.
  • tom2edenLove!!!
  • valcadileLove it!
  • mayeskareisDiva
  • atmosphereontheave@melissagorga @devonspence #ginjerphotoshoot #highfashion #moncler ##@LeCityDeluxemagazine #octoberissue
  • brilhataniaQUEEN 👑
  • aricaartsPretty 💕💓💞
  • avmcllYou are such a fake dumb bitch melissa. And "fashionista".....?! Lmao!!! You have a horrible fashion sense. You look like an off the clock stripper! There is absolutely NOTHING classy about you. Joe gorga made the mistake of trying to turn a trashy HO into a housewife. And what did you do? true trashy classless whore fashion you wed into Joe's family and instead of wanting to be happy and fit in and just be one big happy family you tried to destroy the family, caused HUGE problems and drama, and drove huge wedges in many different relationships w/in the family all bcuz you were purely and utterly jealous of Teresa so u wanted to alienate her and then u turned around and manipulated everyone into thinking it was all Teresa. But Even your family looks like complete trash. (Which is why I'm assuming you never let them come on camera) so you were raised to be complete trash which is why when u married into a good, classy family you did not truly fit in bcuz u were doing all you knew which was being trash. So u started behaving how u were raised to behave and it ripped apart a good family bcuz they were not used to having to deal with such trash. You and joe come from different social and economical classes and that caused a clash bcuz all you are is a gutter slut and thats all u'll ever be. Just bcuz u where Prada and Gucci now ur still just a gutter slut im fancier clothes....a gutter slut in disguise.
  • amybelcher2107Wow i think 👆someone needs a life
  • lorichelllaLove you Melissa!
  • thay_costas@melissagorga beautiful diva, I admire you so much ... thousand kisses from your fan from Brazil 💋 💋 💋
  • riteonpepsIf u don't like the show then don't watch it so u need to stfu bitch!
  • _dcast28@_rome_one_
  • jasmine_toshHot!
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