New @Foursquare app launches tomorrow (!!!) Very excited to show you all what we've been working on...
  • densNew @Foursquare app launches tomorrow (!!!) Very excited to show you all what we've been working on...

  • sibblWhat about the WP platform? 😊
  • retskeegigid@glos365 some sensible comments here from @dens on usage of the two apps.
  • caigLet's see what Foursquare has for us in China, the land with 527 million people using mobile daily.
  • kevsallAwesome @dens. Haven't caught onto Swarm but anxiously awaiting new version of 4sq. One of the 3-4 apps I can't live without.
  • glos365@retskeegigid this is sweet you know this shizzle gets me going
  • trizzoelsCongrats Dennis 👏‼️ Loving your e-mail count just keeps rising👆 I thought I was bad with some 1600 "unread" in my inbox😁
  • rosesiggyCongrats to you and the team! Can't wait to see it :)
  • joedinardoMark all as read. I dare you.
  • namnumCongrats!
  • vladanichkinI'm with @tonykingnyc on this one. I loved the fact that I could find a really good place to go and checkin when I get there. Or checkin and read recommendations from the community. Now I have to do it in two separate places. The swarm app doesn't give off the same vibe as the foursquare app did. It felt secure (non of the neighborhood stuff), solid and user friendly. Every time I've open the swarm app I've deleted it because so much was happening upon open. I don't have enough friends using the app for it to be two separate apps. I too will obviously give it a go.
  • neilbearseCongrats @dens
  • newsdork@dens I've always prefaced any remarks with the fact that you guys are clearly waaaay smarter than me, so I'm intrigued. I hope it's fantastic. People are just afraid of losing something they love so much and works well as it is.
  • ak4kLol @dens you have like 17,597 emails that you haven't read
  • madsondelunaI'm excited!
  • aaronchriscohenFoursquare still has checkins. The screen just turns orange now. Or has check in been completely removed?
  • dens@aaronchriscohen Check back in a few hours :)
  • papa_fish@ak4k @dens it's 17,596 email about how bad Swarm is and one from Yelp! saying thanks for all the new business.
  • angusmclachlanLooking sharp @dens. YouTube video "All new Foursquare" teaser just went up. Starting to plug into the tips now. #Boppl
  • cass4504This is the worst product strategy move I've seen in a long time. This pisses so many people off.
  • abe_anwar@dens I am using the new foursquare app even more! Great UX and love how the places recommended are actually places I ended up loving.
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