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  • thekristynburttIt's #15SecondDanceScoop time! This one is for my #DWTS fans...Is Rob Wade mixing up the pro roster this season?

  • janemilneauexcited and nervous for what this may mean... Maybe partnerships will be mixed up during the season, maybe celebs will be paired with multiple pros... Can't wait to find out!
  • makebawilson🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 i 💖 15 second dance scoop
  • kashtikAwesome hope we see Anna and Julianne back! Not always a fan of new pros!
  • rbuccilliYayy!!!
  • thekristynburtt@kashtik Julianne definitely not under contract anymore. Think more of people we haven't seen in 1-2 seasons.
  • thekristynburttAnd....that doesn't mean they will get hired, just that Rob was open to the possibility of them coming back. @kashtik
  • sammi.bammiI hope to see Anna!
  • rosstbolingSome new energy never hurts.
  • graciereiterI hope they keep val and sharna!
  • thekristynburtt@graciereiter To me...Sharna and Val are definites.
  • porsche_reneeI would love to see Gleb, Lacey, and Edyta again!
  • iamkimmiehoWhat do you think about the long running pros Cheryl, Tony, & Karina? I think Cheryl is ready to move on. Cheryl is a smart business woman and would do what's best but I really hate to see her leave she's been one of my faves. I don't think I'm ready for DWTS to part with Karina as well.
  • analuportoI just really hope they keep Peta and Emma. And bring Sasha back 🙏
  • kleinemochaWould love to see Emma and Witney again, for longer. And Jenna is so charismatic!
  • pennyl78Mark better be back!
  • dsr1994Just hope Karina stays!
  • janngrayLove these! You are such a cutie!
  • _janelotteringOh wow sounds interesting can't wait x
  • jane9668Oh @thekristynburtt I do hope Artem is made pro! 🙏
  • thekristynburtt@janngray Thank you! 😀 @rosstboling Agree! It's what makes each season unique.
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