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  • daviejr@yourmoonbaby but don't you see? Raising awareness in responsible pet owners is not going to stop irresponsible pet owners from adding to the problem they created. Also I wasn't bummed I couldn't have kids when I was a child because I was completely unaware of the joy of having kids. In that same sense, your dog will never be bummed he can't reproduce, because hes unaware that's even a possibility. That was more so directed to female dogs when they're raising their young for the short amount of time we allow them to before we take their pups away from them (but that's another issue)
  • daviejrBut you think this will change their mind? To neglect something you have the responsibility and the joy to look after takes a special kind of asshole, the likes of which I doubt would be changed by awareness of the repercussions of their actions. The problem is most people think "who cares its just a dog" an ideology I'm sure you hate as much as I do. We have the same goal, just two completely different ways of going about it @yourmoonbaby
  • nikkimac_nixGoddddd way too many dumbfucks in this world
  • _kittenbby@lealyah thought you may wanna know this in terms of ryry ❤️
  • yourmoonbaby@daviejr no we don't.
  • lealyah@epistaxisss too bad that offer isn't valid here!
  • daviejrLol ok so your end result is not better treatment of animals? @yourmoonbaby or is it that I disagree with you so you refuse to accept that we have anything in common lol sounds a bit closed minded and arrogant to me
  • awfujBetter to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all @daviejr
  • _kittenbbyI know :( but there might be cheap options at SPCA @lealyah
  • black_panzer@daviejr When you get a little further along in your VT, and get to see the portion of litters that are planned responsible breeding, poorly informed fun litters, accidental litters, and backyard breeders, I think it'll change your mind. Your "moral argument" is an abstraction, reliant on your subjective opinion (belief) about what your dog would want. The argument @yourmoonbaby , is one you can demonstrate with actual data. The only place opinion lies between the two, is whether you think the hormonal difference between a fixed animal is more of a moral injustice, than the tens or hundreds of dogs that die from over population. If you wanna make that argument, try.
  • ryman1282Remember when dogs used to have balls?
  • black_panzer@daviejr You've had the benefit of raising male dogs, with which you don't have to even see the financial and moral reprocussion of your choice... because it's the female dog owners responsibility to bear. As a man, I identify with the sympathy, guilt or fear most male owners have about neuter ing their dogs. But that's really pussy bullshit. Man up and practice some social responsibility. You have no idea if your in tact dogs ever impregnated some random dog at the park or on the street. And by the way, they don't know the difference between that humping and actually having seed to spread, so it's not like you're robbing them of the joy of knowing fatherhood. They can ejaculate in seconds, and unless your dogs never got loose once, even for a few moments, you can't wear this great owner badge of honor. Shit happens. Most litters, aren't backyard breeders. They're accidental litters or poorly informed neighbors who just love their pets, wanna see their puppies and give them to friends. You get litters from... wait for it
  • black_panzer...people who don't know any better. People who are so poorly informed, that seeing flyers like this may actually make them think twice. Even if that means just making sure their gate is locked. Be real. This shit is about feeling like you're robbing your dog of its natural essence, or something that makes him a full animal. Guess what, left to their own devices and at the mercy of resource competition, they also fight and kill to survive and mate. That's an intense real experience. Are you robbing your dog of its essence by feeding it every day, and giving it affection and discipline? Yeah, you are. It's a trade off. I think it's good. @daviejr
  • black_panzer@daviejr Let's be real about men and neutering... its about us identifying with our dogs and projecting our anxiety onto them. The drive to pass on your genes is the second strongest impulse, behind immediate survival. We have an innate fear of and aversion to anything that threatens it. We may, and may want to pass on our genes. You've already decided for your dogs whether or not they will. You can either do that by fixing them, or "being a responsible owner" (which probably has a similar success rate to that of Abstinance-only sex education has on teenagers.) Maybe you wouldn't be as adament if your dogs were female, and the burden of puppies and their livea and deaths were your responsibility. Your responsibly owned intact dogs will find ingenious ways to reach a female in heat. If they haven't yet, maybe it's because your neighbors have spared you by fixing their females.
  • encajenegroIt's best to just get them fixed and save it for well informed responsible breeders. Do it even if it's just because your dog won't be sexually frustrated and hump everything on sight
  • yourmoonbaby@black_panzer OMG. you just said what I was too stoned and retarded to say thank you
  • black_panzerMF'ers out here keeping good people up at 3am, just to make the Internet safe for everyone else. #justice #internetguardianangels #letmypeoplego
  • yourmoonbaby@black_panzer 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #myinternetguardianangel
  • black_panzerNP, miss. Btw, totes cute pibble pics here ---> @cro_maggie
  • skatebig88#gothim @yourmoonbaby
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