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  • jillmkellyWin or lose we have the greatest fans!
    So thankful for your continuous support, love, prayers and encouragement.
    The 2014 NFL season is HERE!
    Go BILLS!
    #prayersforjk #kellytough

  • robertpena1He's was my idol growing up. Now as a man and father, he is my hero. You guys stay strong... I'll pray for your family. God bless you.
  • par2244Stay strong
  • jillllreneeWow that gave me goosebhmps! Always praying!!
  • cheryan16Continuing to pray..#kellytough #prayersforJk
  • wandajk12Even Giants fans know a true Hero! Kelly Tough forever
  • jffmick17So great to see Jim Kelly with the bounce in his step.
  • jeff5432Umm so I was at the HOF museum when Jim was in the shop and instead of blowing me and everyone else off he could of just sorry not today rather than saying later and not (I do understand though😜)
  • jillmkelly@jeff5432 yeah that didn't work out did it...he planned to sign when we left and when we came out no one was there asking.
  • jillmkelly@jeff5432 SORRY😞 NEXT TIME!👍
  • jillmkelly@sueswann THANK YOU for praying!
  • jillmkelly@cmourer thank you for praying...trusting God one prayer at a time.
  • goal_chaser_fitmomAmazing watching at halftime last night. I got soo teary eyed. I've always been a HUGE JK fan. Love and pray for u all. Bills fan for life.
  • justlikeumbrellas@jillmkelly left you a private message here last night! Did it go through by chance? :] thanks!
  • oliviajade34I miss you guys 😭
  • mikealsheimerPrayers for Jim. it was awesome getting a high five from a true legend. @anttango @mikealsheimer
  • anttangoDopee @mikealsheimer @jillmkelly
  • kvandyk_10Saw Jim in the bust room at the Hall yesterday. Praying for you and your family. Stay strong
  • jeff5432Thank you I'm praying @jillmkelly
  • jeff5432We were going to follow you guys out of the shop but we didn't want to stalk you more than we already were😂😄
  • jeff5432And sorry for sounding rude in my first comment
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