I never thought about traveling around the world as a kid. To be honest coming from a hippie traveling family all I wanted was to stay put and build something solid.  Also coming from very humble beginnings major travel was not ever on my radar.  I spent many years of my young life building a talent (1998-), and business (10yrs) and a relationship (10yrs). I was  building something so much more valuable than what I thought I was building at that time, I was building a reputation.  The most important thing I've ever invested in is my reputation, it has granted me the trust of many amazing friends, the ability to travel all over this globe. Learn about traditions and cultures, expanding my world view and my place in it. I am forever thankful to my oldest friends who helped mold my outlook early on in life I am self made but if I wouldn't have made friends with you guys I wouldn't have made it this far. @goodguybri @chefrobruiz @xbalex @jimmygnorte @ftwskills @monstroandthekelpkids @dringenberg ...and so many more to thank. #thankyou #travel #friendship #retrospective #CS Goodnight from Cork City #Ireland #LW #LAG
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