Another song - "God of Ocean Tides" - coming Tuesday
  • countingcrowsAnother song - "God of Ocean Tides" - coming Tuesday

  • mangusx2Yes!!
  • stripedmenaceYes! Heard this live in Pittsburgh. Blew my mind.
  • gallopinggoose8750🎯
  • bjrichardsonEarthquake Mover please!
  • blairsingsMy favorite!!
  • kate_pennington94So excited!
  • sjbcatotxThanks for playing "god of ocean tides" in ok last night:-)
  • spoookycalI can't wait for this one! Loved it live!!
  • melindabyanothername@allisonthemeep do you follow? Another new song Tuesday!
  • robmtz104See you in El Paso, Monday night!
  • hockeycowgirl42Happy belated birthday
  • bcl37072Happy 50th!💙
  • deejayhamHappy Birthday, Adam! ✌️
  • c_mason83Loved the show in Oklahoma last night!
  • duritzgirlI watched an incredible thunder & lightning storm at 1 am on August 1st and God of Ocean Tide was playing in my head. It was the perfect start to August and Everything After and a beautiful way to celebrate Adam's birthday ❤🌊🐚🎂 10 days until the Portland show! See y'all soon 🌟
  • cheasimbI love ... My favorite band, the best ... H-b Adám
  • freedafarmsAdam is a hero of mine.... Music that saved my life so many times!
  • teeteemarie7Love Adam and the band
  • alexsantos0112J'aime cette band
  • dahlia_ashGod of ocean tides is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and makes me cry everytime I hear it. Currently working it out on piano
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