Today's other market bounty: lapu lapu (grouper) which will be steamed for lunch #salcedomarket #ontheblogsoon
  • chichajoToday's other market bounty: lapu lapu (grouper) which will be steamed for lunch #salcedomarket #ontheblogsoon

  • mymomfridayBeautiful catch!
  • midgekmanlapigGorgeous fish; the colour is magnificent!
  • zero_185Aww poor Nemo haha :)
  • bettyannquirinoI miss this kind of lapu-lapu / red snapper -- it's sweeter over there , quite bland here.
  • chichajo@mymomfriday @deessedomestique @mangoqueen It was delicious!!
  • chichajo@zero_185 Lol 😊😊 Well, he was much appreciated!
  • mayayumi36Just much did they sell this per kilo at Salcedo?
  • bettyannquirinoAre you posting this steamed recipe on the blog? Unrelated, but ever tried slathering mayo on fresh salmon fillet , cover with foil and bake? So good ! A friend here put olive oil and Sinigang mix ( powdered packet) over salmon and baked it. Sarap ! I still miss lapu lapu like yours.
  • zero_185So he's a martyr naman pala hahaha😁
  • chichajo@mayayumi36 I think I paid something like P660 for this if I remember correctly...I don't expect Salcedo market to really be the best deal price-wise though 😁
  • chichajo@mangoqueen Yes I am! 😊 And yes I've prepared salmon (with mayo and baked) that way's one of my favorite ways to have it actually 😊 That technique with the sinigang mix sounds awesome!! Will try that soon!
  • chichajo@zero_185 Yes! For a very worthy cause 😊😊
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