#ilovethesouth #coololdbuilding
  • lesleyhendon#ilovethesouth #coololdbuilding

  • s_b_renCool pic
  • susanfox86Where is this? Grogan is not that common.
  • jennifercreasyAre you aware that buzzfeed used this picture?
  • glitterattzziI saw this on Buzzfeed and had to come to your IG and 💜 it. Where is this at? I'm a Grogan and I'd love to visit this place.
  • sumr_grlNope not aware they used it till just now. Grrrr. They slay me! I have friends who have also been their "victims." I'm not impressed with their laziness, lol. But thanks I took the pic bc it's a landmark here that's actually abandoned and for sale... I expect it may not last much longer. :(
  • sumr_grlThis looks just like my pic... I thought buzzfeed had used it, my apologies! Lol Did you repost this or did we take the exact same pic?? Weird!
  • charityrose75@sumr_grl This building was at the Crossroads. I lived right down Cedarcrest, they tore the building down a couple months ago.
  • sumr_grl@charityrose75 yes - I live off of Cedarcrest too. It's such a shame! It's going to be an Auto parts store, just what we need. (She said sarcastically...) Lol
  • hmb8603If they are gonna put something there give us a chick fil a or something
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