So excited to have @runmeb running #tcsnycmarathon for @teamforkids. Have a question for this inspiring athlete? Post questions in the comments!
  • nycmarathonSo excited to have @runmeb running #tcsnycmarathon for @teamforkids. Have a question for this inspiring athlete? Post questions in the comments!

  • nycmarathon@runmeb is answering until 2pm
  • sophiakjb@runmeb which is your favorite section of the NYC marathon ?
  • sincerelydoorlyI would love to know what your diet is like. I struggle with making sure I eat the right foods to fuel me to run like an "athlete" but still maintain an ideal weight. Also how do you fuel during tempo/long run/ race day? You're an inspiration! God bless you!
  • sincerelydoorly@eatrunworkplay
  • anamaariasHi. I will run the nycmarathon as my second one; I did my first marathon in 5 hours and I am worry because I am now training with the training program of Garmin connect. I want to finish this marathon in 4 hours. Do you have any piece of advise in my program to achieve my goal ? Thank you very much.
  • nycmarathon@sophiakjb #centralpark I'm home! -@runmeb
  • nycmarathon@sewlove2run nutrition is an important component! For me, recovery days are protein while long run and temp days are carbs! --@runmeb
  • nycmarathon@anamaarias look at what you did for your first half split--if your second is a negative split then you can! Look to make the second half faster--@runmeb
  • chriscross711Hi I'm 21 years old and in college, I ran my first marathon last February and it was a challenge because at mile 19 I got a blood blister that started off small and by the end of the marathon it was the size of my whole foot.I didn't want to stop because I didn't want to affect my time.I have never experienced so much pain while running. What do you recommend for next time so I avoid that from happening. Also what is the range of miles I should be running weekly for my next marathon in November? Thank you very much. You are a huge inspiration to me.
  • nycmarathon@chriscross711 ignore the pain--you have worked too hard to not get to the finish line! But I suggest using a lot of vaseline! --@runmeb
  • sophiakjbDo you carb load before the marathon?
  • sincerelydoorly@nycmarathon @runmeb a Thank you!! Any extra bibs laying around? I grew up in NYC and can't seem to make the lottery 😉😥
  • nycmarathon@sophiakjb Yes! And a little protein does not hurt. -@runmeb
  • sophiakjbOne more - what is your average mileage a week ? Or on the shorter runs ?
  • nycmarathon@sophiakjb I average around 100-130 miles a week
  • sophiakjbThank you and good luck ! Inspiring
  • sophiakjbThis is my first ever marathon
  • anthony_moralesWhat's a few good shoes to run the marathon in ?
  • kevjg15@kgalante12
  • squeezerdMeb Are you planning to win the NYC Marathon ?
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