Thank you @elizabethmessina for capturing this moment between and my hubs between takes ❤️😊 #burningbodhi #brooding #husbandscureall
  • normancookThank you @elizabethmessina for capturing this moment between and my hubs between takes ❤️😊 #burningbodhi #brooding #husbandscureall

  • gallegosdvdSmile!!
  • joeh_Kaley you have grown!
  • shannaniganz80<3
  • shezamnmI don't like her hair. ....?
  • phil7343We love it.
  • jaijinBiglang tingin i thought she looked like Yu @fireverse
  • muller7ukYour hair :(
  • ohloreatlook so sweet ~
  • amelie.rose.sunshineSo cute ❤️!
  • elma_one97sweet
  • wayelrobYou lucky, lucky, lucky man. :)
  • kekepania_perezGreat pic! Beautiful peeps caught in a beautiful moment.
  • shanzlewis13💖
  • kat_lileyanyone else think he kinda looks like Lenard js
  • lea_cam_baLenard♥ and penny♥♥
  • karaokejennjenn@normancook You turned off your twitter! We need your help if u will! We are going Mischa Collins GISHWES (yep playing along w/ William Shatner) and one of the list items is a pic of someone in the IMDB top 200 in a tee shirt that says GISHWES and our team name SALoyalsRun3rd. Run3rd is a group Sean Astin started. We run marathons and support his charities. But he isnt top 200. Would you be willing to help?? Ty so much for considering!! Its due by Friday! I could overnight a honemade shirt!! Let me know!!!
  • justicefrog74You look so happy. I can't say I blame you for deleting your Twitter. You are so available to fans in such a personal way. I am sorry there are such hateful people inside our human race. I like to think the whole of us, as a people, are better than we are. But I can assure you, not everyone is full of hateful disdain and dripping sarcasm. I love that you are so happy. I love that you share your life and your light with your fans. I am sure that you are aware that some of us adore all that you do for people and for animals.
  • fictionalwishesWow you look awesome here, Kaley!
  • luciemccann8@annacovell72
  • annacovell72@luciemccann8 oh ma gawd. 😍😍
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