• mileycyrus@madonna

  • emilyelisanchezLesbian girl
  • izzzzzzzzyyykeep your tongue in Miley.😂
  • chineselatinoMiley 🍆🍆🍆 😂😂
  • m_equinnYour face is just actual perfection
  • caspergtaYour eyes are my world😍😍
  • briannakoiKeep my dick in ur mouth @xoxo.isobel
  • briannakoi🍆🍆🍆🍆 @jechainz
  • izzzzzzzzyyy@yafavjuice stfu.
  • briannakoiU stfu hating ass bitch @xoxo.isobel
  • izzzzzzzzyyyI wasn't hating on her..
  • izzzzzzzzyyy@yafavjuice
  • briannakoiU kinda was @xoxo.isobel
  • chineselatino😂😂
  • natibforteilysm
  • froievvvvvvvvvI know you probably won't see this but here I go. I support you in everything you do I am proud to be a Smiler and I love you so much and you inspire me and I'm worried about You Miley😢 Please, us Smilers are concerned about your health. In This picture you look healthy but currently makes me scared.. We, Smilers, know it's from Wayne. We want what's best for you in every possible way.. We want you to know YOUR SMILERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WITH YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE. PLEASSE💔 It hurts my heart to see you like this. Forget Wayne because you have way better Friends. He is not a good influence on you Miley.. I Love You to the Galaxy and Back😢💔
  • envy.miriYOUR BEAUTIFUL, your my role model I have always looked up to you and always will because even though everything you do is amayyyyyzangggg it's also about how you do it you do it because it makes you happy and that's taught me a lot and to do things that make me happy and not worry about other people's opinions I tottttZ support your Happy Hippie Foundation you are such a kind hearted person and some people don't remember that yes, you are still a person they continue to say rude things and it gets me mad but can't do much about it I LOVE YOU TIMES A MILLION AND ALWAYS WILL I HOPE ONE DAY I GET TO MEET YOU I THINK I WOULD LOOSE MY BREATH BUT I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN ALWAYS HAVE AND I ALWAYS WILL BE I HOPE YOU SEE THIS POST AND FOLLOW ME IT WILL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME 🙏🏽💓💓
  • primroxeLuv u
  • blackkgosht..
  • hjc100
  • itshamreI Adore you' You are so perfect ❤️
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