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  • diddyIt's a shame that in 2014 some people still have the mentality that this is the year 1968. As we watch the news from Missouri I am saddened I'm confused and I am in disbelief that in the United States of America after all that the black man and woman have been through that it's okay as a people to treat us as animals in second-class citizens ! If this was any of the community would the police be pointing shotguns at the children who are just trying to be heard and Ifollow in the footsteps of the civil rights movement God help us all!

  • izuuniquelikeme76Don't mean to pry where's the news coverage for the man and woman who were slaughtered unarmed who was chased by several police districts from downtown Cleveland Ohio to East Cleveland . Surrounded and my these so called serve and protect the people all people equally (cops) dumped 137 shots into their car .The woman's face was shot off she was hit total 21 times. The man was hit 24 times. One cop was literally shot at the two unarmed victims off the hood of his car . Really America that's just straight Overkill oh yeah they got off really America 216254-3368 any questions about this story and others peace and love
  • i.am.sara1What would the US do if Mexico will fire missiles into your neighborhood? #prayforISRAEL🔯
  • cccc9ccccEVERYONE is innocent until PROVEN guilty of any accusation. That includes the officer and the young man.
  • cccc9cccc@iamdiddy Please feel free to let me know how I can help you help #Ferguson and anyone else who needs a human hand.
  • cccc9cccc@h.tothe.o.v If you like you can go to @brittany_noble 's page for some positive reports. All people are not ignorant or violent.
  • cccc9cccc@h.tothe.o.v You're welcome sir
  • jay24coleman@kb2g2g oh you a killer?
  • jay24coleman@shellydabad_1 I bet you won't try and take a cops gun then run right at him with his gun drawn! Lesson learned
  • jay24coleman@jannelagram we don't need gods help, keep that shit on the church page lol
  • jay24coleman@jannelagram he helped me with yard work the other day
  • beneathfailing@jay24coleman blowin it
  • phill.honcho@jventrees he dumb but is a millionaire
  • chicandclassic@therealbigkwabsharif I just saw you comment. I guess once everyone else starts yapping about it they all start. Fact is they are so out of touch with reality. Oh please. 👎
  • abcdefggfedcba114411I love ypu.
  • weick1998The protesters are robbing stores and shooting blacks their selves. 80% of them sent even from the area
  • insom_guruWho's head is in the sand now... Police state coming to a city near you I'm done
  • therealkingkavio#RIP #MikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot
  • ac_chasemoneyThey come to baltimore wit dat shit we blastin
  • saweetnspicy#stl loves you
  • brotherhas@tamikadmallory
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