How do you recharge? Show us! Tag your photos with #ResurgencePower and #Recharge for a chance to win a Resurgence Power Case.
  • otterboxHow do you recharge? Show us! Tag your photos with #ResurgencePower and #Recharge for a chance to win a Resurgence Power Case.

  • practical@otterbox it was groupon or target, I don't really remember. It was about a month ago
  • practicalI thought I was #ArmorTough :/
  • practicalCould i possibly get a refund?
  • timholzapfel68Do you make this for the iPod 5th generation?
  • otterbox@timholzapfel86 Not at this time, but we'll let you know if this changes in the future.
  • otterbox@fdh Please email us at
  • g.r.a.n.tI want oneeee
  • otterbox@mrgcat99 Pretty great, right? Be sure to enter our contest!
  • lizz3roniMy iphone broke with the plastic screen otterbox. Can I have a refund
  • otterbox@lizz3roni We're sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we aren't able to predict the outcome of every situation.
  • lizz3roniNever buying another product from you. Life proof it is !
  • yuanpratamaIs that symmetry? Looks like it from my eyes. Nice, would like to have one either since my charger cable broken i have to use normal case instead preserver cause my new china made cable has big male cord. Hmm
  • lwalker_8Will you replace my phone and case if I drop it and the screen shatters
  • tr3ymiller@lizz3roni How are they supposed to predict when you phone is going to break? They can't 100% guarantee that the case will protect in every situation. They are still a business. All of my cases are otterbox made and I have never had any issue. Also, otterbox own life proof. Life proof cases have the same policy as well though. They will not replace you phone, just the case.
  • otterbox@walker_312 We are not able to replace devices, no, but we do have a warranty that replaces damaged OtterBox products.
  • otterbox@yuanpratama The case in this picture is our new Resurgence Power case.
  • ek_enakhifo@lizz3roni otterbox owns life proof. 💁 good luck.
  • username879125Do you havet for the samsung galaxy s4
  • jules_butterflyIs this contest still going or did someone win?
  • kimdracula77Who won this contest? @otterbox
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