What's your #1 advice for 1st time #tcsnycmarathon runners for recovery immediately after crossing the finish line?
  • nycmarathonWhat's your #1 advice for 1st time #tcsnycmarathon runners for recovery immediately after crossing the finish line?

  • momontherun327Walk drink and do not sit!
  • ada1079Do tell!! Please! Havent even contemplated this! Good question!
  • adilahbrodieLook around...take it all in...give yourself a hand...bask in your accomplishment...and say, "Well done" to your fellow finishers!
  • slj108Epsom salt bath and good food!!! With a giant smile!! U achieved greatness that not many will EVER say they did! Wear that medal proud!!
  • pigdog42Don't rush away... Take a few minutes to really think about what you've done and snap a mental picture to keep for ever :-)
  • nikobullgumpLook for a grass lay down and just closed your eyes
  • dianalouisekeelingEnjoy the moment, soak up the atmosphere, put your medal on & smile!!!
  • willow1290Keep walking! You might get a little sick to your stomach but just keep moving!
  • todena5@nycmarathon hot bath, massage, beer and pizza @grumplesiggy @scottshroyer
  • scasarellaPack a metrocard and order seamless so you have hot food waiting for you!
  • iamdelleIce bath!!!
  • hazelgumeraBring a warm change of clothes. It's surprising how quickly you'll get cold. Then, when you warm up, an ice bath!
  • brookelederhouseoreillyYou will be exhausted and exhilarated! Take the time to soak it all in! Especially if it's your first marathon! 🎉
  • balesauceAgree with @adilahbrodie !!! Then find your loved ones, ice your aching muscles and eat the greatest meal of your life :)
  • lacedup_wingsoutLove it @pigdog42!
  • ilianazmDry clothes. Keep walking and moving. Dont sit down
  • jules3022Find the nearest bar 🍻🍻🍻🍻 celebrate your accomplishment! It makes the pain more tolerable ☺️
  • elainek1970Keep moving! And get out of your wet clothes. The new poncho helps a ton!!
  • ssdowney1Keep moving, drink protein, eat a banana, stretch, ice, warm clothes, eat protein and carbs, and be extremely proud 😊😊 !!
  • traz5Nothing better than crossing a new finish line! Can't wait for 11/2/14!
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