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  • ed.templeton#scenesfromeuropa #köln

  • ed.templeton#eurotempsters
  • spongequeenieAre u going to Berlin?
  • drewtetzlove this
  • krem_brulee^^ prime example
  • bigdruss745America bitch, world war champs
  • briun_Because we should be really proud that we won wars and killed thousands among thousands? ^^
  • yung__lotion^yes
  • pitabenThe comments you manage to get never cease to amaze me. In the first few comments on a picture of people hugging you already have people being called faggots and cunts and people boasting about being world war champs. All from a hug. Ironic...dont you think? @tempster_returns
  • pete_cassoThe moon and all of it heavenly glory...
  • wonenmeer@tempster_returns Santa Maria is a Mexican restaurant in Kreuzberg Berlin. Delicious drinks and well rounded vegan menu!
  • benjyharrI guess lonely people get angry over signs of public affection.
  • rzankosIt's amazing what can I learn because of this picture. Thanks @tempster_returns
  • louiccinelIs hugging wrong?
  • crossprodIt's interesting. I'm temporarily living in the usa and one of the things I noticed is the little amount of affection you see in public. I almost never see people hugging or kissing.
  • crossprodBtw, not saying it is good or bad, just observing :)
  • basic_brett87Yea America's think that it's a sign weakness to show affection toward someone. Sad way of thinking if you ask me @crossprod @tempster_returns
  • ig6110206501Wtf are you talking about? This is just an ordinary scene that you'd see riding the metrolink @rzankos
  • pvshoxSome people view PDA as disrespectful or classless. Some guy had the nerve to tell me to put my pants on and leave when I was trying to have sex with an exgf in a parking lot.
  • ed.templeton@pitaben go figure. People have latent issues they like to vent I guess.
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