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  • kandiI got super sad news today. I found out that my #1 fan @Drahcirblack has passed... 😢. He had such a beautiful spirit. Every record I ever did he bought it, he came to every show that he could, he always sent supportive messages & tweets (which mean so much especially in a world where a lot of people like to post negative things), he even got a tattoo with my name on his chest. I remember when he first posted the pics of hisself getting the tattoo. @DonJuanNC & I debated over if it was real or not. Well we finally saw @Drahcirblack in person & it was real! R.I.P. @Drahcirblack aka Richard Jarome Wiggens. Thank you for all the love! You will definitely be missed. My heart goes out to your family & friends. Thank you for being a part of #TeamKandi!
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  • kandiburruss_fanpage@msprettytammy ☝ i am sure she did
  • kandiburruss_fanpage@mrmangham ☝😐😒😔
  • bosslaady_2The nerve of some people... Whether she did or not it doesnt matter. The flipgram says it all... Most Celebs dont even take the time to acknowledge their #1 fan... Ugh this urkes me to see such a Negative comment during the loss of someone. R.I.L young man. That smile alone brightens up my day. Love EVERYTHING about you Mrs B, keep up the good work... @kandiburruss_fanpage @kandiburruss
  • whosthislilblackgirlYes...she did @msprettytammy
  • c.h._25OMG RIP
  • qluvzpurpleSo sorry... @kandiburruss
  • thekaywillis@kandiburruss Richard & I went to college together & YES! Richard really loved you! When I first heard that he passed, I was like... The Richard that loved @kandiburruss he was such a nice person. RIH Richard!
  • babyjazz19Damn datz beautiful n sad I HOPE BLESS HIM TO WATCH OVER HIS LOVE ONES IN HEAVAN R.I.P
  • monzelladeanRest Easy Richard!!! That was a really sweet video Kandi
  • queen_6b@koolkidd_co2012
  • travelgal4uWow so sorry for your and his family and friends loss RIP Richard
  • justrozelyn@kandiburruss that's sad news. I know you have another guardian angel now. <3
  • barberbettyI like the video. Yes .R.I.P WITH. MUUCH. LOVE .
  • barberbettyI. DID
  • barberbettyI did ' not know him no
  • barberbettyJust. Sympathetic.!!!!!!
  • yeeah_jayR u going to the funeral.. I think u should sing him a song..
  • zuri_mayasa_designThank you for acknowledging the life of one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever had the honor of knowing. Whether running into each other around campus or prepping for a performance, Richard was always consistently beautiful. My heart is lighter knowing that he was able to actually spend time in your presence because he loved your artistry so much. Be well, @kandiburruss. #iMissYouRichard #ThankYouKandi #ForGodForCentralForState #ClassOf2004
  • tavorrisziongreenThat's so nice of you to acknowledge him... That's why I'm always praying for you!!!! You're such a great person... I love real people. .. Because money nor fame change them... I just helps them to make changes. .. Do ya thing Gurl ain't nobody mad but the devil lol
  • rosealicioussThank you so much thats my cheerleading coach and he really appreciates this 😚
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