Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas following today's announcement. #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsBrendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas following today's announcement. #TMLtalk

  • i_like_puussssyyHdhdsndjxjp
  • luctesanWhy can't we get Sundin up in the office ? He would do a better job than these pricks
  • nikos_thrylosFuture GM of the Leafs.
  • watsontap858Fuck Sundin hes a dusty swede @luctesan
  • pat_ay@m_lindemann that's cuz of the salary cap
  • michael.chindamoGo leafs go
  • noalyb@adammandell have a read about this guy
  • mzettas@torontomapleleafs Yayyy!! #Soo #Greyhounds #hockey #tml
  • hockeylandcanadaShanny an advanced stats advocate? Who knew
  • chris_bonnici4Boys looks like we going for mcdavid this year
  • jsgambBolland = $5.5M.......... OR.....Kontiola + Booth + Frattin + Santorelli + Holland = $5.2M. @beni_fresh
  • jsgamb@beni_fresh If you think Bolland was worth keeping at that price for a young Toronto team that probably won't win the cup in the next 3 for sure. You should just stop giving hour opinion about hockey... cause paying a third line guy (who was fourth line with Chi both years they won) 5m is absolutely absurd.
  • beni_fresh@jsgamb And what are we paying for clarkson? What credentials does he have? N bolland only 3rd line cuz CHI was stacked. Thats where we differ. The santorellis the hollands are all expendable. U can pay a marlie so much less and get them@to play the same role maybe even do a better job cuz they are hungrier. Fire power man. We need fire power.One line in kessel JVR n bozie wont cut it. U shut down that line u win the game. Clearly was the case last year.
  • johnrego66It's hard to understand the leafs what direction are the taking ?
  • klynnandrewsFirst step in the right direction for the leafs I'd say
  • superwaxerI want the to get stamps
  • superwaxerSorry Samkos
  • johnrego66Why the hell did the leafs let Tim Gleason go the only defence blocking shots that's the #1 leafs problem 40 to 50 shots on net per game. Too many puck giveaways I feel bad for leafs goalies.
  • sebjbow#50in07
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