Not to be overly repetitive but...this is coming tmw!!!!
  • countingcrowsNot to be overly repetitive but...this is coming tmw!!!!

  • can u please look at my painting I made for you?????? Please,)????? Please please please @countingcrows
  • ljparisithought about waiting with bated breath, but realized that would be counter productive. ;) forward
  • ljparisiLooking forward to each song's release. Makes getting to know them, a bit more personal.
  • thebees_neesSo ready! It sounded awesome last night!
  • lipshitsandmentalfits@ljparisi I agree ☺️ sometimes trying to ingest the whole album at once can be overwhelming and I feel like I miss a lot. There's always so much detail and something about the song that gets overlooked, but I suppose that's the magic of Counting Crows. A new experience every time I listen. Sigh.
  • ljparisi@karleegorrie Yep, digestible bits work best to savor the flavor of their music.
  • gassaweCan't wait from Mexico... counting crows is unique... love you guys
  • teribeeeYeah baby yeah!!
  • karolinejennie@emiered yep!!
  • cate_donahueSounded amazing on Sunday, can't wait to plug in my headphones and just re live ♡
  • dpsunny@countingcrows downloading!!! Love it :)
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