What boredom does to you kids. Blue hurrr 😏💙 #selfie #bluehair #dontcare #blue #freckles #bored #loveit #change #ombre
  • lauramcxenzieWhat boredom does to you kids. Blue hurrr 😏💙 #selfie #bluehair #dontcare #blue #freckles #bored #loveit #change #ombre

  • elainexrobbinsLooks great👍xxx
  • shelbekristineSo this is totally random but I found your picture on Pinterest and you are my hair inspiration💙💙💙💙💙
  • lauramcxenzie@shelbetyzzer haha aw thank you, didn't keep it like this for very long though! x
  • emilynavatI found this on Pinterest too haha! I want to dye my hair blue like this and I was wondering if you had to use bleach for this and if you did this yourself. Looked great by the way!
  • lauramcxenzie@maexyun yeah I got it bleached Ombré style at the bottom and when I got bored of it I decided to try a blue dye to see what it was like before dying it all dark again. I used a bottle of stuff called 'Crazy Color' you can get it off eBay for pennies. Thank you x
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