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  • taahiramra@mayametune
  • imr_nWhen are we going to see more teriyaki joe???
  • mikemunson13@carpets4life does this even rhyme
  • micky00716ok, not like I thought about this all day, (give your side eye, idc idc)...I was reading comments about it not rhyming or making sense. I recall watching a VH1 Storytellers with Missy Elliot in their early days when her and Devante Swing (Jodeci) would compete. Devante would get frustrated because they would write their lyrics and to him Missy's didn't make sense but when Missy performed it, people were hyped by how she said it and maybe that's what we need to wait for how @lupefiasco spits it....
  • adrithespectacularLegendary ❤️
  • beeslymmVery smooth lupe..
  • goddess_floetikLol mine dont either lets be friends lol @bombbae
  • tazmatic618Everyone Come check out my artwork and help me Tag @lupefiasco
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  • angel_n_the_skiesWow
  • shogun760BARZZZZZ @mrdizaster
  • angiereeWow @lupefiasco , I can only hope for the day we meet in an airport or shopping mall and share our views of the simplest yet most powerful things in life as we know it. And when that day come the coffee or tea will be on me :) #Blessings
  • sbrooks917If anybody forgot to tell you you are important special even you are a walking galaxy your hair contains crystals in your roots from Jupiter's moons your hair contains moisture from the dry liquid in the lakes of Venus it takes over a billion stars just to create your DNA your mind was made to assist you it was created from centering two curiousities together from the magnetic pull of a germ your heart beats beat once for everytime you were reborn that space suit you live in the very texture of your skin is made from the oil of a dolphin you can travel millions of dimensions with no space lag your 720 degree senses can create a universe of its own just by thinking of it your eyes are the mirrors or what's inside a comet your breath is a gas from the sun a nose is a compass that was used as a compass into destiny you were born intelligent with all the knowledge of the very solar system you were created before you choose to come in form as a human being how did you ever even think of creating yourself out of yourself the vibration and echo in your voice contains over 3.3 zillion languages of every planet that you had made you are a smart phone you are a walking google and that space between your eyebrows shows how detailed you were written you split yourself apart from two different earths and stitched yourself back up with perfect precision with a layer of skin from a rock of gold your emotions contain more water then 5 planet earths and your crown the tip of your head you was able to open it using a portal and you paired a human being inside of a body you even was able to create a force field outside yourself so you can travel in and out of your body without leaving it for every cell in the physical brain contains a piece of you in it you are constantly dying and rebirthing a different form of immortality the definition of definition to your defiance cannot be defined you are unaware of your true being your genius is infinite your feet are the trees for this planet everytime you walk you feed if you are a supreme being you are incredible your valuable your human wow.
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  • maestrosoul@hebrontherealjames this one reminds me of 4 am thoughts
  • hebronny@ambitionssoul ahhhhh yessss!! Speaks to the soul
  • maestrosoul@hebrontherealjames lmao I said the same thing
  • jack_palma34@alexpalmz
  • sparklesl82beautiful you're making me melt as I read this.
  • _kinyobi_I picked an old one. So Maybe you'll see this. Tetsuo and Youth is beautiful. It's Art. It literally couldv'e been a vinyl record. Definitely a play-through. Keep creating. I'll keep watching. Inspired.
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