Have a Blessed Sunday my Luvs❤️🙏
  • farrahfranklinHave a Blessed Sunday my Luvs❤️🙏

  • karinap_love17Hope all is well! We all go through storms but the sun will shine!
  • peterpropaneLol this pic tho
  • flycaligirlMuah! U gone be ok pookie!
  • _mzcharity_Praying for your strength, prosperity and happiness;) live life to the fullest ❤️
  • _tha_femdoll_Love u @farrahfranklin
  • mzatl_2_u🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋claim it
  • emarra🙌
  • geminiismeHang in there. Stay blessed .
  • pink2241Hope everything is ok @farrahfranklin 🙏
  • sabrinapurple3Stay shinning
  • adwoadanielsGirl what happened in Myrtle Beach you ok? @farrahfranklin
  • teesha1979I'm from Myrtle beach and the police always arrest people for dumb Shi*t ... They need to worry about these killings and rapists that's running around here..
  • toyahallKeep shinning @farrahfranklin 👑😘
  • mz_sassy_pants@teesha1979 you are so right. I'm ftom NMB and Horry County stay looking for a reason!
  • mz_sassy_pantsThey need to worry about all the missing ppl out there. Where is Heather Elvis?!
  • carelesslywhisperedDon't worry about Horry County...I've just moved here and these are the THIRSTIEST SOB!!!
  • sunshinevalley101Amen
  • backstagegabew/ min sugar
  • leitawesley@cthagod said never mind. Get better honey....
  • anika_mikamikaLove don't let anything deter you from you destiny. You know I absolutely love n adore you. We all have flaws that are perfectly created for our own individual lives. Without those things, obstacles, and challenges we wouldn't be ourselves, you wouldn't be @farrahfranklin. Media is harsh. But keeping your head up, smile harder, and shining brighter, it gives them more to talk about. We all slip up but it allows us to put a "caution floor wet" sign up for others. I love you to the moon and back. This is just one more ingredient in that soulful dish called YOU!!! Only you know the recipe. 💋💋💋
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