Tough day at the office for #kevinmagnussen at the #GermanGP today. #f1 #McLaren #kevin20 #km20
  • mclarenTough day at the office for #kevinmagnussen at the #GermanGP today. #f1 #McLaren #kevin20 #km20

  • anne_kathrine99@kampotov not really! He is very talented! And @omar696 he is not too young...
  • azamat_250He is like Grosjean and Pastor. Be more smarter. Stupid driver
  • mikapikkelPeople saying that that was Kevins fault has no clue about racing. Seriously.
  • dionismk@kampotov Bad drivers don't make podiums in there first races. And #GermanGP incident is Massa's fault, he should be smarter anyway.
  • dionismk#ComeOnKevin #BelieveInMcLaren
  • kampotov@xxannexx1503 very talented is Kvyat! Magnussen is crasher
  • kampotov@climb_hedgie_luna yes not driver, is so so driver
  • kampotov@dionismk podium 😀😀😀 luck and fast car 😀😀😀 button is very professional yesterday race is proved!
  • dionismk@kampotov after 1st corner collision #Magnussen was last. And in the end of the race he scored some points for the team! And FYI Kimi have score nothing for Ferrari starting 12th - that is a bad driver. P.S. А так троллинг засчитан конечно 😉
  • anne_kathrine99@kampotov Its was Massas fault, and not Kevin.. And it is not about a fast var and good luck.. If you Think that.. Then you try to drive!😉
  • mclaren_mp19Оба заткнулись!
  • dionismk@kampotov справки друзьям своим давать будешь. And let's speak English next time cause that's not an account of Kvyat or somebody else who speaks Russian. Peace you anyway ✌️
  • kampotov@dionismk чтоб мне писать сначала калл и мочу в поликлинику сдай справку получи
  • kampotov@dionismk I speak in Russian and English! Just don't want to under the account of a great team, because some Troll people thought I was the same! Troll get out of here
  • reinafabianMcLaren doen't know Russian.
  • mclaren_mp19Такой ты урод,чувочек)
  • danjordan83@notinthemirror clearly magnussen had no where to go, if he breaks he causes an accident behind him. Anyway I don't need to defend him, the FIA were only ever investigating massa in the accident incase you didn't know, tell's you all you need to know.
  • frederik.munkgaardKevin 🎋📧♈📍🎵
  • cheung_m@iraachan
  • frederik_labaekMagnussen 👌
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