Thank you Salt Lake City! @tonyhinchcliffe and I had the time of our lives. I'll be back for sure!
  • joeroganThank you Salt Lake City! @tonyhinchcliffe and I had the time of our lives. I'll be back for sure!

  • houseofcolenzo@kelleep u have a twitter @deathsquadnocal here
  • kelleepYes I do .... Hawt4teecher
  • leydonBurlington VT next! Plz
  • deshy00I really enjoyed both of you! Come back soon! :)
  • tyball21Powerful show! Please come back with the UFC and do another show. Along with Joey Diaz, Arie, and Duncan. That would be epic!
  • garybuttner@jackdanielsgirl
  • nathanalanperryWho's the kid?
  • that_user_name_isnt_availableHaha. Tony caught a mild breeze and broke his neck. Feeble man
  • 5coflo@joeroganexperience you should come hang out with @1mic and me when you're in Austin.
  • jameasonTried to get tickets. People bought them quick and scalped them for $150! Bastards!
  • tym2getbizeeeCan't wait to see you perform in San Jose this Friday @joeroganexperience
  • walter_skuzeskiSweet hat man!
  • jkvmi13Can't wait to see you preform period! Do you ever come to Michigan?
  • endorphin_factoryAwesome
  • thegavinchasefucking excited for Rickson, but I know exactly what the first words your gunna say are.."So..(draumatic pause).. for those of you that dont know, there arent any sports, or ANything for that matter where there is one man, who is basically known as the best, like say basketball, youd have a debate on who the best was, or football blah blah, but in jiu jitsu and in combat fighting, There is one man, and he is sitting across the table from me and his name is RIckson Gracie, wlcome to the podcast....."
  • thegavinchaseNot Hatin, Lovin!
  • celebrity_bodyguardtvshow@joeroganexperience Hi there! Who is your point of contact for a TV show hosting inquiry? I think you would be interested in #CelebrityBodyguard2015
  • aacbarnettSecret lovers
  • ccannon86@joeroganexperience Powerful show Friday night! Thanks for finally doing a show here Hope to see you back in Salt Lake City soon. Tony did great as well! Next time bring Joey Diaz with you! That bastard is hilarious.
  • ero23You guys slayed salt lake. So glad I happened to be in town! Come to Grass Valley sometime. We do it right!
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